Is Stress Draining the Life Out of You?

Resuscitate Your Sanity & Restore Your Calm

Code Calm | Tracie Braylock

Panic Attacks. Sleepless nights. Exhausted Days. Pain. Burnout. Overload & Overwhelm.


This has become your life, but you’re not ready to give up.

In fact, you’re ready to breathe life into your situation.

Find the relief you need with Code Calm.

Code Calm is right for you if you struggle with

emotional distress

physical, emotional, relational pain

disrupted sleep




or have been diagnosed with a stress related illness

And you’re wondering why you’re stuck here, feeling like every day will be a struggle. You know there’s more to life and you feel like you can’t keep living like this. Stress is invading and impacting every area of your life – your health, your work & especially your family.

I Know This Because

    • as a nursing student, I’ve stood by the bedside of women receiving completely preventable, yet, life changing diagnoses caused by stress that went unchecked for far too long
    • as a operating room nurse, I’ve witnessed women going through operations that would forever change the landscape of their bodies and unavoidably impact the very work and family they were convinced they had to be stressed out for
    • as a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I’ve pushed myself beyond my stress limits for the sake of getting it all done and making it all happen
    • as a mentor, coach and friend, I’ve listened to the heartbreaking truths of women who are striving to give their all to life and in the process are losing the up-hill battle against stress and are desperate for a new way of life.


It’s a painfully unpleasant way to live. And it’s exactly why I created Code Calm.

I’m offering you a way out of the stress cycle – so you can stop living with, dealing with and managing stress and start getting rid of it. Yes, it’ll take an open and receptive mind, but you’re still here with me, so I think this may be what you’ve been waiting for.

Imagine yourself enjoying life with peace of mind.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Code Calm Curriculum : Code Calm is designed to help you actually get rid of the unnecessary stress in your life, not manage it. Our curriculum is based on tools that help you actively practice stress elimination, reversing the habit and negative impact of stress in your life.
  • Weekly Journal : You’ll get a PDF journal to help you keep track of your stress life, revealing where stress has been hiding and clogging up your life
  • Bonus Material : I’ll bring you inside the nurses station and grant you full access to the personal toolkit of resources I use to stress less and enjoy more.
  • Lifetime Access : I’m not going to cause you the stress of putting a deadline on this content. You can have it anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it.

Tracie BraylockAbout Tracie

Tracie Braylock is a holistic nurse educator, relaxation strategist & the creator of Code Calm. Her work has been published on MindBodyGreen, Gaiam, Natural Awakenings & the American Holistic Nurses Association. 

Code Calm

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