What step is God nudging you to take?




You know God has plans for you, but you’re overwhelmed, not sure where to start or if you have what it takes.

You’re not striving for perfection, but trying to navigate everyday life is exhausting. Sometimes, it feels impossible – or at least, impractical – to take care of all of your responsibilities and find space in your schedule to maintain your own health, cultivate meaningful relationships and deepen your faith.

How could you possibly accomplish more?

You’re not alone.

I work with women, like you, who know they’re called to more, but need a little help believing that they’ll ever experience it.

You’re not meant to figure it all out on your own, struggle in silence or settle for mediocre.


  • you’ve replaced prayer and meditation with zoning out in front of the tv or mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • you describe your current exercise routine as “Exercise? Sure! I walk with Jesus daily.”
  • you’ve drastically decreased your community or circle of friends because you’ve been focusing on your calling or family and now feel lonely, isolated or out of the loop
  • you’re tired of seeing the people in your life become sick, tired and overwhelmed and want to ensure that you’re able to carry out your mission by getting your own health in check 
  • you want accountability and support to help you stay on track

then, you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s your body, business, a big leap or all of the above, I’ve discovered 4 critical supplies you need to make it all happen, and I call them

Your Mission Vitals Include


A Caring Team



to provide you with resources, support, perspective and community because you’re not meant to go at it alone

A Wellness Plan



to maintain your health and well-being because without them, you can’t accomplish much anyway

Doses of Inspiration



to lift you up, encourage you and provide you with the hope you need to continue on your journey

Vision Therapy



to intentional move you towards the unique vision God has placed in your heart so you can fulfill your purpose


No matter what goal you have, who you’re called to lead or where you want to serve, these tools will help you get there.

Far too often women run from one task to another, cooking, cleaning, caring for others, connecting the dots and carrying the weight of it all in the process. So when it comes time to take care of ourselves, we’re too worn out to do so.

God doesn’t desire us to live this way. We’re called to carry one another’s burdens and to lift one another up.

Mission Vitals gives you the opportunity to put yourself on your calendar, to virtually meet up with other women of faith, to pause and give thanks for how great your life already is, as you pray, make new goals and take intentional action towards your future.

Yes, you can show up for your life rested, restored and ready to make things happen.

And we can do it together using practical remedies to build momentum and keep you moving along your God directed path.

You’ll receive your monthly care package, filled with:


  • regular doses of encouragement sent directly to your inbox
  • strategy booster shots of member exclusive content, including worksheets, action steps, journal prompts, devotionals, etc.
  • integrative practice infusions to give you practical ways to incorporate self-care in your daily life and maintain your health and well-being
  • Q&A office hour appointments that enable you to get personalized life, health and vision building strategy

Plus, you’ll get these bonuses, or what I like to call Intensive Care Units, to ensure that you’re able to make informed, intentional decisions as you navigate life and transitions:

Code Calm
The Pregnancy Peace
Breakout of Burnout
What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet

and I’ve partnered with Calm.com to provide you free access to the Calm App which includes exclusive calm masterclasses, meditation, yoga and breathwork sequences, relaxing nature scenes and a music library for better sleep, focus and deeper relaxation

Skills & Strategies We'll Cover

  • Journaling
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound Healing
  • Water Therapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Social Support
  • Breathwork
  • Prayer
  • Ecotherapy
  • Integrative Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Humor Therapy
  • Movement
  • Types of Medicine

  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Learning to Rest
  • Trusting Your Body
  • Building Confidence
  • Uprooting Shame
  • Comfort When It’s Difficult
  • Taking a Holistic Approach
  • How to Stop Settling
  • Monitoring Your Mindset
  • God Centered Planning
  • Using Integrative Practices
  • Owning Your Uniqueness
  • Giving Yourself Grace
  • Getting Over Failure
  • The Necessity of Self-Care

You know you’re meant for more and it’s time to make things happen.

I get it.

As a nursing student, I’ve stood by the bedside of women who were regretting all of the things they didn’t go after.

As a operating room nurse, I’ve witnessed women going through operations that would forever change the landscape of their bodies because they allowed their health and stress to go unchecked for far too long. 

As a mentor, coach and friend, I’ve listened to the heartbreaking truths of women who wish they had just a bit more faith than fear to simply say yes to what God is calling them to do.

As a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I’ve struggled to confidently make decisions that would impact my family and business as I attempted to carry out the vision God has given me

But now, you don’t have to wonder what could’ve been, worry about missing out or waste another day trying to do it all alone because I’m here to help.

Who Is Tracie ?

Tracie Braylock is a Holistic Nurse Educator, wife and mother of 4 with over 13 years of teaching and nursing experience. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Master’s degree in Nursing Education and multiple certifications including Holistic and Integrative Health and Spirituality, Health and Healing. 

It’s Tracie’s desire to help women decrease their stress and deepen their self-care, so they can effectively carry out their divine mission. 

Get the strategy and support you need now.

I created Mission Vitals with you in mind because far too often, women bear their heavy burdens – even the good ones – in secret. When in fact we’re supposed to carry one another’s burdens, encourage and lift each other up.

So I’m here to provide you the strategy and support you need to thrive. Along with some simplified science and sisterly wisdom.

The dreams God’s placed in your heart are attainable. Let’s work together to make them happen.


What makes this program different from any other?

This program takes a holistic approach

What makes this program different from any other?

This program takes a holistic approach





Let me give you the support you need to fulfill your mission.

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