Stress Effects

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Stress is an ever-present part of life.  It can be both positive and negative and results from things we enjoy, as well as things we do not.  Stress is defined as the strain we feel as we respond to events, situations, and pressure.
Without effective coping mechanisms and stress relievers, stress can lead to an overwhelming, unresolvable problem.  Although, you can recover from highly stressful situations, we want to avoid ever reaching this state.
As mothers, we experience a fair amount of stress and it is my desire to provide moms and moms-in-training with tools to help recognize, take control over and alleviate stress.  I’ll do this by providing stress reducing, relaxation promoting, holistic living resources in blog posts that are quick, practical, healthful, and easy to implement.
Stress affects almost every mom and has negative long term consequences if not well controlled.  Our health matters and we want to live long, healthy lives and be positive, relaxed, healthy examples for our children.

Author: traciebraylock

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