You can choose to make time for your wellness, so don't be forced to make time for illness.


Suite Holistic offers you the space to care for your whole being, while cultivating your well-being.

Designed for busy women who know their health and healing can't wait.



Holistic Nurse and Founder of Suite Holistic

Consider this your personal invitation to join me to pause, reflect, heal and enhance your overall well-being. Including doses of encouragement, non-judgmental listening and space to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

I Have One Mission


And... you don't have to do it alone.

I'm holding space for you. You have me to walk beside you, offer you guidance and remind you that you've got what it takes to start and continue your healing and wellness journey.

And while it may be true that you're already be facing health challenges, have a packed schedule and a family history of multiple conditions, I want you to know... ANYONE can take steps towards healing, wellness improving the quality of your life.


Others will teach you how to manage sickness. I will teach you how to prevent it, heal and improve your overall health and well-being.

If you do what many health experts tell you, you'll learn how to live with your stress, sickness and suffering, allowing yourself to cozy up to it day in and day out.

I, on the other hand, want to share other ways of being that enable you to move towards healing and thriving. Away from managing diseases or living in fear of becoming sick. Actively participating in your own health, healing and harmony.

You've been suffering in silence, hiding the hurt while trying to hide from it

You don't feel like you have space to breathe or the boundaries necessary for your healing to take place

You're tired of living in survival mode and being controlled by the pain and your fears

Premature deaths resulting from chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease are responsible for 70% of all deaths worldwide

20-40% of the deaths from each of these causes are preventable

303,000 women die around the world as a result of complications of pregnancy and childbirth every year. That’s 1 woman every 2 minutes.

1 in every 5 American adults lives with chronic pain

The rate of surgical procedures continues to increase each year

Over a half million heart surgeries are performed and one and a half million new cancer diagnosis occurs each year

78% of women in the US are dangerously overmedicated
and women are also more likely to experience adverse medication reactions than men are

And stress is considered the global epidemic of the 21st century

You know there has to be a better way.

You Need To

It's time to stop living in survival mode, feel at home in your body, trust your ability to decide and enjoy the life you're creating

Recognize your need to forgive past mistakes, understand that you are not the same person you were before and that forgiving others will increase your own sense of freedom

You want to become the best version of you, offering yourself grace and kindness as you learn new ways of being and nourishing who you're becoming


Suite Holistic

Your space for deeper healing and well-being.

Your Wellness Journey includes...

Monthly HEALING Mindset coaching

Together we'll take a deeper dive into your healing. We'll explore concepts such as:

  • healing yourself
  • healing versus curing
  • healing hurts you didn't cause
  • healing in new ways
  • healing your whole being
  • etc.

You'll have the space to ask questions, receive feedback, be heard and listened to in a non-judgmental way.

Course breakdown:

Holistic Habits

Holistic Habits acknowledges your interconnectedness, teaches you how to consistently care for the individual parts that shape your entire being, and helps you develop practical habits to nourish your well-being.

Thought Therapy

Monthly meditations, journal prompts and group journal writing session, designed to help shift your perspective, heal and remain intentional about who you’re becoming.


Prepped teaches you the 8 basic, and foundational, wellness practices you need to include in your everyday life to care for and sustain your health and well-being.

Code Calm

Take control of your stress life. Stress doesn't have to drain the life out of you. Code Calm will help you resuscitate your sanity, restore your calm and remember what life can be like with minimal stress.

Self-Care Conscious

Self-care isn't a luxury. It's the only way to sustain your own health & well-being. Self-Care Conscious will give you the tools to create the right practice for your life and style.

The Pregnancy Peace

Practical advice and insider tips for preconception, pregnancy, labor, childbirth and beyond. I've been present for countless births in labor and delivery and the operating room with physicians, midwives and doulas. I'm also the mother of 4 children, all birthed without medication - I don't push my way upon you though - including one unassisted homebirth.

The Meditated Mom

Start saying no to stressed out motherhood with these tools that will help you nurture and care for yourself as you care for your children. This curated collection of self-care activities will minimize the decision fatigue and maximize your free moments, so you can be refreshed, nurtured and confident that you’ll get to the self-care without much struggle.


Care for your craft by caring for yourself. Optimize reminds entrepreneurs, writers, makers and small business owners that the foundation of a successful business is your own well-being, and helps you implement strategies that'll optimize your health and your bottom line.



Holistic Habits acknowledges your interconnectedness, helping you develop practical habits to nourish your well-being.

Thought Therapy is designed to help shift your perspective, heal and remain intentional about who you’re becoming.

Develop your sustainable self-care plan when Self-Care Conscious releases after 6 months of membership

6 months

Code Calm is critical to your healing, as stress is an underlying cause of most major chronic conditions. Learn how to eliminate, not live with, the stress in your life when Code Calm releases after your first 3 months of membership.

3 months

Build a strong wellness foundation with the tools found in Prepped, which release one month after your membership begins.




Digital Courses

Released in Small Doses

because being overwhelmed is not a part of this program


Take a deep dive into the integrative therapies and healing practices that can deepen your healing. These healing workshops will take a holistic perspective, offer preventative strategies and help you heal in meaningful ways.

You will receive a new workshop each month, including practices such as journaling, aromatherapy, mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, integrative nutrition and so much more.

Ask Me Anything

For the times when you have personal questions, this ask me anything option will help you get the guidance you need.

This optional service enables you to privately ask me your question during designated Office Hours and receive a personalized answer.

You can't heal what remains hidden, so take advantage of this option and get the answers you need to transform your life and well-being.

Office Hours

How does this sound?



You will develop a whole new attitude about health and healing


You'll stop hiding and harboring shame about what's hurting in your life


Become your own biggest health, healing and care advocate


Transform the pain and trauma in your life and prevent it from continuing in your family


Learn how to use therapeutic approaches to healing and health, while preventing sickness

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no. 01

Your First Step

Join Suite Holistic with a monthly or annual membership

no. 02

Stay the Course

Follow the wellness care plan which gives you a specific pathway to follow to reinforce the wellness basics, reduce your stress, create wellness habits and regularly practice self-care

no. 03

Deepen Your Healing

Develop a sustainable plan that supports your healing, lifestyle and wellness goals

from nadine:

"Your words inspire and lift me. Your questions are right on point. I can't thank you enough for your amazing guidance. I have been moving forward in such a positive way. I truly appreciate working with you."

from katie

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

Next Review

A year from now, you'll be so thankful you started today....

so let's get started!

success stories

Shelby - New York, New York

"You have no idea how many questions you've answered (some I didn't know I had)!"

Shelby received holistic health and wellness coaching. She also received pregnancy, labor, birthing and postpartum support.

ask for help!

April - Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Your methods worked when all other tricks failed."

April received holistic health coaching and pregnancy, and labor and delivery support.

Allison - atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you so much! You're like my virtual doula!"

Allison received support and guidance throughout her pregnancy and labor experience, including how to navigate aspects of the healthcare system, labor and delivery unit and her care providers.

“I believe you're here now because you've been waiting for you. You need you to continue showing up. It's time to heal and be supported on your journey, and I'm here to help."

— Tracie

You're stronger than you think.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. And you want someone to tell you what works.

Some will teach you how to manage sickness. I will teach you how to prevent it, heal and improve your overall health and well-being.

If you do what many health experts tell you, you'll learn how to live with your stress, sickness and suffering, allowing yourself to cozy up to it day in and day out.

I, on the other hand, share ways of being that enable you to move towards healing and thriving. Away from managing diseases or living in fear of becoming sick. Actively participating in your own health, healing and harmony.

you're in the right place.


Grab your seat today and try Calm for Free!

I've partnered with Calm to provide you with one month's free access to the Calm App which includes exclusive calm masterclasses, meditation, yoga and breathwork sequences, relaxing nature scenes and a music library for better sleep, focus and deeper relaxation

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Be equipped with a variety of healing practices to help you heal old wounds and whatever you encounter in the future

Experience greater peace of mind, body and spirit

Shift your mindset about what healing is and what you can do to support your own

Unlock your inner wisdom and confidence to heal and enhance your health

Know how to unapologetically create space for rest, healing and self-reflection

Navigate the inevitable shifts, injuries and changes with grace and courage

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I've been a nurse for almost 20 years and have written for as long as I can remember. I understand the healing and transformative power of words and use them to encourage, uplift and inspire you to live your best life. I'm so glad you're here with me.

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i can help because i've been there

as a nursing student, I’ve stood by the bedside of women receiving completely preventable, yet, life changing diagnoses because they put off their healing and dealt with ongoing stress that went unchecked for far too long

as a operating room nurse, I’ve witnessed women going through operations that would forever change the landscape of their bodies and unavoidably impact the very work and family they were convinced they had to be stressed out for

as a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I’ve pushed myself beyond healthy limits for the sake of getting it all done and making it all happen

as a mentor, coach and friend, I’ve listened to the heartbreaking truths of women who are striving to give their all to life and in the process are losing the up-hill battle against stress, believe they have no time for healing and are desperate for a new way of life

and now I know how to help!

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a healing roadmap

This program includes everything you need to HEAL

This program includes

Suite Holistic has the tools and resources you need to heal and enhance your health. You will also need to do the work of healing and addressing what can be improved in your life. If you think the pursuit of healing and better health is expensive, I want you to know that ongoing suffering, illness and pain will cost you so much more.


you need


If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:

Healing - mind, body and spirit

Ending burnout and defeating stress

Increasing your energy and self-care

Experiencing less pain

Having greater peace and harmony

Being in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life

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This      for you if:


You need time to heal

struggle to find space for Healing and self-care

wish you had more support to accomplish your health and healing goals

It's probably        for you if...


Closed Minded to new ways of healing and being

You're convinced that your situation is too messed up to heal





Is Suite Holistic only for women?

No. However, much of the content is specific to women's health and healing.

Is there a path to follow or is this a bunch of  random courses?

There is a specific wellness path to follow based off of my personal and professional framework. You will also receive mindset coaching meditations, sustenance sessions and the Q&A option each month to keep you accountable and in community as you explore the courses at your own pace.

What happens after I join?

Can I cancel after joining?

I don't live in the U.S. Can I join?

You'll receive an email containing instructions and giving you access to the membership site.

Due to the digital nature of the program, refunds are not given. The content will be yours to access and learn from, including any new content added to the program.

Yes! You are welcome to join.

Unlike a significant portion of our healthcare system...

I don't believe in medicating every aspect of your life and relying on the latest surgical and technological advancement to keep you alive.

I don't believe in managing illnesses that are preventable and can be healed. So I show you how to care for the foundation of your health and incorporate additional preventative and healing practices.

Whether you're just beginning your wellness journey or you're already suffering with one or more illnesses, Suite Holistic will show you how to take steps towards healing and helping yourself become even healthier while having support along the way.

I'm here to offer you another way, a different perspective and create a wellness plan that will help you achieve your personal goals.


I believe that you are the interconnection of all of your parts and that health, healing and harmony are possible for you, your household and your community

I am committed to helping you avoid unnecessary sickness and suffering, or settling for mediocre health. Your health is an investment that you get to influence, improve and inform yourself about. And it's an honor to offer you guidance as you do.


Nursing Degrees - Bachelor & Master's degree


Integrative Health, Healing & Stress Relief Certifications


Number of Patients I've Taught & Cared For


Number of Years I've Been a Nurse

You can't heal what remains hidden

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