You can master whole living & well-being in the midst of crazy, busy, messy and loud.

One of the biggest challenges facing women today is stress. We have no shortage of things to do, places to go, people to connect with and stuff to post, but we spend most of our time focused on doing things well instead of focusing on being well. Health and well-being are less about work and more about investing. If you don’t understand your potential to thrive, how can you ever develop a plan that will help you reach your full desired outcome?

I’m Holistic Nurse Tracie Braylock, MSN, BSN, RN, and I’m here to encourage, uplift & inspire you to live whole, be well and stress less in the process.

I believe you should nourish, heal and thrive on purpose & I’m here to help you do just that.


How We Can Work Together

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Tracie Braylock MSN, BSN, RN



My Story


My fascination with stress started at early age when my father, at age 40, suffered a heart attack. It created a natural curiosity to explore and understand stress, health and healing on a deep level.

My nursing career began in the operating room where I witnessed ,first hand, our delicate intricacies. Our bodies are amazingly designed and this part of my journey greatly increased my intrigue with our mind, body, spirit connection.

Years later, I found myself working in an influential nursing position at a university medical center. My career was promising, yet, when I looked around, I found a culture of peers and patients who are struggling with stress, pain, burn out and preventable disease. I hadn’t come this far on my journey to help people settle for disease management, suffer in misery and survive a mediocre life. I knew in my heart that there was a better way.

So I got to work.

I joined the American Holistic Nurses Association and began taking a holistic approach to my own health and well-being, deeply immersing myself in the study of holistic well-being. I became certified in Holistic and Integrative Health, Spirituality, Health & Healing, Prenatal and Postnatal Holy Yoga, Meditation & Healing Environments and dedicated my work to the service and support of women.

  • I believe we are the interconnection of our mind, body & spirit and that these elements unite to make us who we are and influences everything that we do; from our health, work, relationships and everyday lives.
  • I recognize that our current “health” system values disease management over health promotion.
  • I know that many of our chronic diseases are not inevitable, but reversible and preventable.
  •  I understand that stress is one of the leading causes of our diseases and that it stands in the way of us achieving optimal well-being.
  • I trust that we all want to live our best lives and need wisdom and guidance to do so.

And I’m here to help you do just that.

I work with women across the lifespan. Women who, like you,

  • value your health and well-being
  • are striving to embody your full potential
  • understand that self-care isn’t a luxury, but indeed, a necessity and
  • desire to live a life of impact and meaning.

It’s for you that I do this work, offering virtual wellness tools for your mind, body & spirit.

I believe in you. It’s time to get the nourishing you need to heal, achieve and sustain well-being.

Let’s transform our health and thrive at life together.




Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing Education
Certification in Holistic & Integrative Health
Certification in Spirituality Health & Healing
Certification in Prenatal & Postnatal Holy Yoga
Certification in Meditation
Certification in Healing Environments
Certification in Stress Management


Active Member of the American Holistic Nurses Association
Active Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing