Are you looking to pursue, or further propel, your business online, but are unsure about where you should start? Do you feel overwhelmed by the many steps it takes to craft your vision? Do you question if what you’re envisioning is even possible?

You’re not alone.

And I’m here to provide you with the guidance and support you need for your journey to help your vision come to life and thrive.

Let’s work to get you moving forward with the online business you’re striving for.

The online world changes daily. And so do the many possibilities about the business you’re seeking to create.

So where do you begin? Where do you spend your time, money and energy?

That’s where I can help, offering you insight from my experiences and shortening the time it takes you to achieve your goals.

I believe that working toward your vision is critical to your overall well-being. So get started shaping and sharing your vision online. 


Not Sure Where to Begin?

Your vision is unique and the work you wish to share with the world matters. To help you articulate your goals, and explore your possibilities, I’ve listed some of the topics we can cover together.


Social Media


Email marketing


Payment Processors

Virtual Assistance

Drop Shipping


Course Creation

Website Design

Graphic Design


Video Conferencing



Legal Options


Digital Product Creation


Affiliate Marketing

Classes & Trainings

What You'll Receive

  • In-depth consultation
  • Personalized strategic plan
  •  2 Q&A email support sessions
  • Practical guidance from someone who has been where you are
It’s my desire to stand with you, shining light on your vision and giving you the support you need to achieve it. Whether you have a full blown business in mind, a hobby you want to expand or what seems like radical ideas you wish to explore, I want to help you make that happen.


Your consultation is where I get to know you and learn about your business goals and vision. Sharing as much as possible about where you are and what you want to accomplish during this phase will help me create your thorough strategic plan.

Strategic Plan

Your strategic plan will provide you with a detailed map about the tools, resources and processes you need to achieve your goals. You’ll have a chance to ask questions during this phase to ensure you understand the plan and implementation strategy.

Q&A Email Sessions

Questions will arise as you implement your action steps, so we’ll work together to troubleshoot your challenges. I want to support your growth, help you remain motivation and overcome any roadblocks and celebrate your achievements.


How do I know that you can help me with my vision?

As an entrepreneur, you become extremely resourceful in order to accomplish your goals. I have an abundant amount of knowledge and experience, and I also know where to look, or who to ask, to find the answers you seek.

What if I have multiple topics I want to cover?

More ideas than you know what to do with? No problem. Simply be sure to be as thorough as possible in your consultation so that we can build a strategic plan that works for your needs.

I'm just getting started. After working together, will my business be up and running?

Your progress depends on the amount of work you’re willing and able to put into your business. So, it is possible to have your business up and running, but you will have to make that decision and do the work to make that happen.

My business is not health or wellness related, can you still help me?

Yes! If you desire to put any aspect of your business online, I can help, whether or not it’s health and wellness related.

What if I have more questions in the future and want additional support?

You’ll inevitably have more questions in the future and if you’d like my help getting them answered, each additional Q&A email support session is $77.

What Others are Saying

Tracie is passionate about getting her clients results. I must admit that I dreaded the thought of advertising on social media, but Tracie came to my rescue. The creativity and vision that she brings to her clients is phenomenal. She certainly helped put Simply D’Vine Boutique on the map. Her technical competency allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business and I’m thankful for all she has done.

Terrie C. – Simply D’Vine Boutique

Get Started

I believe that you’re here to share your gifts with others, making an impact in the world and live a thriving life.

And because you’ve made it this far, I believe you’re ready to get started.

Don’t put this off another day. Step by step draws you closer to realizing your vision and I’m ready to help you get there.

*Mentorship spaces are limited so that I can be fully present with you and your business vision. So secure your space today and get started.

Mentorship Investment | $497