Tracie Braylock

I believe… we are the interconnection of our mind, body & spirit. These elements unite to make us who we are and influence everything that we do; including our health, work, faith, relationships, self-care practices and everyday lives. we’re designed for wholeness – to thrive, live well and improve the world, and the people in it , with our presence. that far too often though, we live lives that don’t resemble our intended design. We experience hurt, live in pain and accept stress we were never intended to bear.


My work explores the concepts of wholeness and wellness in an uncertain world, bridging the gap between what we’ve been taught to settle for and what we truly have unlimited access to. I’m a wife, mother of 4, Holistic Nurse Educator and writer, teaching and encouraging women to return to the ultimate source of wholeness and wellness and to experience the life they were intended to live in spite of what’s going on in the world around them. My practice is completely online enabling me to work with women from around the world while raising our babies and repeatedly reheating my coffee from the comfort of our home. It’s an opportunity I’m endlessly thankful for. Thanks for journeying with me.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing Master of Science in Nursing Education Certification in Holistic & Integrative Health Certification in Spirituality Health & Healing Active Member of the American Holistic Nurses Association

Certification in Prenatal & Postnatal Holy Yoga Certification in Meditation Certification in Healing Environments Certification in Stress Management Active Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

My Holistic Philosophy

I will be my own advocate and ensure that my goals are heard and met with compassion

I will seek care that supports my body’s innate ability to heal itself

I will learn of all therapy options before taking prescription medicine or having elective surgery

I will thoroughly nurture my mind, body and spirit

I will rest and nourish myself with self-care and share the overflow of my whole and well being with my loved ones

I will cultivate deepening roots of faith

I will do meaningful, joy infused work that lights up the world and soul

I will strive to achieve and maintain the highest potential possible in health and life