One of the biggest challenges facing women today is stress. We have no shortage of things to do, places to go, people to connect with and stuff to post, but we spend most of our time focused on doing things well instead of focusing on being well. Health and well-being are less about work and more about investing. If you don’t understand your potential to thrive, how can you ever develop a plan that will help you reach your desired outcome?


I’m here to help.

I’m Tracie, a Holistic and Integrative Nurse on a mission to inspire you to live whole, be well and stress less in the process.

Ultimately, what I want for you is what I want for myself and my own family:

  • for goals to be heard and met with compassion
  • to experience care that supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself
  • to have an awareness of all therapy options before taking prescription medicine or having elective surgery
  • to be thoroughly nourished and share the overflow of this practice with loved ones
  • to experience healing and wholeness while cultivating deepening roots of faith
  • to do meaningful, joy infused work that lights up the world and soul and
  • to achieve and maintain the highest potential possible in health and life



Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing Education
Certification in Holistic & Integrative Health
Certification in Spirituality Health & Healing
Certification in Prenatal & Postnatal Holy Yoga
Certification in Meditation
Certification in Healing Environments
Certification in Stress Management


Active Member of the American Holistic Nurses Association
Active Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing