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Take a life changing, holistic approach to your well-being

Do you want to care for yourself - mind, body and spirit - in a simplified and practical way?

Then you’re in the right place.
Welcome to Suite Holistic!

Make yourself a priority.

As women, we seem to find it easy to care for others. To freely give of our time, attention and energy.

And even if you love serving, giving and showing up for others, this doesn't mean you have to neglect your own well-being in the process.

I'm here to remind you to invest in your health - and sanity - so you can show up well, as the best version of yourself no matter what work you're doing in the world.

I'm talking about thriving wellness.

Wellness that you took the time to invest in.

Wellness that's contributing to your long, vibrant life.

  • No more burnout
  • Feel good in your body
  • Full of energy
  • Natural remedies
  • Heal yourself
  • Get off that medication
  • You’re not that disease
  • Peace of mind
  • Time for yourself and the things that matter to you 

I Have One Mission:

To help you optimize your health.

Others will teach you how to manage sickness. I will teach you how to prevent it, heal and improve your overall health and well-being.

If you do what many health experts tell you, you'll learn how to live with your stress, sickness and suffering, allowing yourself to cozy up to it day in and day out.

I, on the other hand, want to share other ways of being that enable you to move towards healing and thriving. Away from managing diseases or living in fear of becoming sick. Actively participating in your own health, healing and harmony.

So would you rather live with chronic, preventable illnesses or learn how to care for yourself - mind, body and spirit - and take control of your future health?

Ahhhh! That's what I thought.

When you follow my framework, you'll spend less time worrying about what could possibly go wrong with your health and begin intentionally optimizing it.

Join Suite Holistic and reclaim your well-being

I provide everything you need: coaching, training, healthcare insight and a mindful community to journey with you. The Suite brings it all together for you.


Yes, you can thrive too

Maybe you think improving your health sounds amazing, but not actually possible. That it's something other people do, you know, those with more time, less responsibility, little stress and none of the health risks you're facing.

And while it's true that you might already be facing health challenges, have a packed schedule and a family history of multiple conditions, I want you to know...
ANYONE can take steps towards improving their health.

I know this from many years of nursing experience. And it's why I'm on a mission to help more women do it.

The Problem

Premature deaths resulting from chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease are responsible for 70% of all deaths worldwide

20-40% of the deaths from each of these causes are preventable

303,000 women die around the world as a result of complications of pregnancy and childbirth every year. That’s 1 woman every 2 minutes.

1 in every 5 American adults lives with chronic pain

The rate of surgical procedures continues to increase each year.

Over a half million heart surgeries are performed and one and a half million new cancer diagnosis occurs each year

78% of women in the US are dangerously overmedicated
and women are also more likely to experience adverse medication reactions than men are

And stress is considered the global epidemic of the 21st century

The Solution

It’s time for women to reclaim their health

Enter: Suite Holistic (aka The Suite)

An online community and health reclamation classroom for women. It’s like a virtual gym. Expect, instead of only building muscle, you build knowledge, resources and confidence and get into shape in all areas of your life.

Join the Movement

At This Holistic Life, I want more women to take control of their health, so you can live the life you're envisioning and impact the world with your unique gifts.

I want you to be your biggest advocate and have a strong self-care voice in this world.

So whether you've experienced medical or healthcare trauma, have been told you'll never heal or be able to xyz, are afraid that you're doomed to get that disease that multiple family members have experienced or simply know that better health and well-being are options for you and just need a bit of guidance, I'm glad you're here.

This is why I created Suite Holistic.

I provide holistic health and wellness coaching that challenges traditional Western medical constraints, and offers strategic healing and integrative practice education, so you can:

-take control of your health and healing

-show up, stand up and speak up for yourself with confidence

-become an informed and engaged partner in your health and care

-learn how to use therapeutic approaches to promote your health, prevent unnecessary harm or sickness and personalize your care

Why You Need This Community

Your success depends on the people you surround yourself with.

Seriously! Research shows that the people you share the most time with determine the majority of the success or failure in your life.

So if you're constantly around people who believe you're doomed to die early, filled with disease and misery, and health and healing isn't even attainable for you, it's highly likely that this is what your life and health will look like.

Having a supportive community is vital to improving and sustaining your health. Come spend some time with me, and you will enhance your health and well-being.

Unlike a significant portion of our healthcare system...

 I don't believe in medicating every aspect of your life and relying on the latest surgical and technological advancement to keep you alive.

I don't believe in managing illnesses that are preventable and can be healed. So I show you how to care for the foundation of your health and incorporate additional preventative and healing practices.

Whether you're just beginning your wellness journey or you're already suffering with one or more illnesses, Suite Holistic will show you how to take steps towards healing and helping yourself become even healthier while having support along the way.

I'm here to offer you another way, a different perspective and create a wellness plan that will help you achieve your personal goals.

You will be seen and respected here.

Suite Holistic is designed to be a safe, healing space for women. A space where you can be transparent and receive the information and resources you need to transform your life and health.


"But I'm already stressed out, overwhelmed and don’t feel well. I can’t stick to a wellness plan. This is possible for other people, but not for me."

First of all, most people are not inherently unhealthy. You aren't born knowing exactly how all of your pieces and parts work, or how they fit together to make you you. Being in good health is a practice, something that ebbs and flows over time and requires your attention and care. And you can learn how to enhance your health, make informed decisions about your care and position yourself to thrive.

This is not to mention that you are constantly bombarded with messages that tell you that you're going to get sick anyway, and make you wonder why you should even try.

I'll tell you why. You are not destined to be sick, stressed out or suffer. You simply live in a society that is determined to make you think you are. Don't believe it. You can alter your future self by investing in your care now.

I can help.

Whatever is keeping you stuck- whether it's confusion, limited confidence, lack of community or knowledge gaps when it comes to stress relief, self-care or a sustainable wellness plan, Suite Holistic has got what you need.

I am determined to help you thrive.

How It Works

1.               - Join Suite Holistic with a monthly or annual membership

Get in! 

2.                                   - follow the wellness care plan which gives you a specific pathway to follow to reinforce the wellness basics, reduce your stress, create wellness habits and regularly practice self-care

Stay the course

3.                                         - develop a sustainable plan that supports your lifestyle and wellness goals

Improve your health 

Your  health is not one-size-fits-all

Suite Holistic is right for you no matter where you are on your wellness journey, because I know that health education is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

My wholeness framework offers you the information you need to minimize your stress, maximize your self-care and make informed choices about the practices and providers you want to include in your life.

What's included in Suite Holistic...

Daily Mindset Coaching


Daily supportive meditations and monthly journal prompts, designed to help shift your perspective, heal and remain intentional about who you’re becoming

Digital Courses

Prepped teaches you the 8 basic, and foundational, wellness practices you need to include in your everyday life to care for and sustain your health and well-being.


Take control of your stress life. Stress doesn't have to drain the life out of you. Code Calm will help you resuscitate your sanity, restore your calm and remember what life can be like with minimal stress.



Self-care isn't a luxury. It's the only way to sustain your own health & well-being. Self-Care Conscious will give you the tools to create the right practice for your life and style.


Consistently care for the individual parts that shape your entire being. Holistic Habits acknowledges your interconnectedness, helping you develop practical habits to nourish your well-being.


Learn the differences between the types of medicines that are available for you to utilize, how they support your health, longevity and healing experiences.


Learn the benefits of essential oils for your body, home and family. I've been working with Young Living for over a decade, learning as much as I can to share the daily uses of plants and oils with you.


Take a deep dive into the integrative therapies and healing practices that complement your care. These modalities tend to embrace a holistic perspective, offer preventative strategies and help in the management of chronic conditions.


Practical advice and insider tips for preconception, pregnancy, labor, childbirth and beyond. I've been present for countless births in labor and delivery and the operating room with physicians, midwives and doulas. I'm also the mother of 4 children, all birthed without medication - I don't push my way upon you though - including one unassisted homebirth.


Start saying no to stressed out motherhood with these tools that will help you nurture and care for yourself as you care for your children. This curated collection of self-care activities will minimize the decision fatigue and maximize your free moments, so you can be refreshed, nurtured and confident that you’ll get to the self-care without much struggle.


Holistic Habits acknowledges your interconnectedness, helping you develop practical habits to nourish your well-being.

Thought Therapy is designed to help shift your perspective, heal and remain intentional about who you’re becoming.

Develop your sustainable self-care plan when Self-Care Conscious releases after 6 months of membership

6 months

Code Calm is critical to your healing, as stress is an underlying cause of most major chronic conditions. Learn how to eliminate, not live with, the stress in your life when Code Calm releases after your first 3 months of membership.

3 months

Build a strong wellness foundation with the tools found in Prepped, which release one month after your membership begins.




Digital Courses

Released in Small Doses

because being overwhelmed is not a part of this program

Ask Me Anything

For the times when you have personal questions, this ask me anything option will help you get the guidance you need.

This optional service enables you to privately ask me your question during designated Office Hours and receive a personalized answer.

You can't heal what remains hidden, so take advantage of this option and get the answers you need to transform your life and well-being.

Office Hours


I've partnered with to provide you with one month's free access to the Calm App which includes exclusive calm masterclasses, meditation, yoga and breathwork sequences, relaxing nature scenes and a music library for better sleep, focus and deeper relaxation


How do you know if Suite Holistic is right for you?

This is a diverse group of women of various ages, backgrounds and health related knowledge

Suite Holistic is for you if you...

...need time to heal

...struggle to find space for self-care?

...hope to avoid the illnesses that run in your family?

...find yourself repeating the same destructive patterns?

...wish you had more support to accomplish your health and wellness goals?

...feel lost when it comes to your health and wellness?

...wonder what you're doing "wrong" because you can't seem to stick with your wellness practices?

If you are open minded, eager to learn, and ready to take control of your well-being, join me.

When you join Suite Holistic

You will develop a whole new attitude about health

You will get your health in order, no more hiding or shame

You will be surrounded by

You will be coached by a holistic lifestyle expert

And if you want to improve your health (and I hope you do) I will show you a realistic path that you will feel comfortable navigating.

Hang out with me and you will improve your health

Benefits of Membership

Access an on demand membership site

Get holistic mindset and lifestyle coaching

Collect wellness tips and guidance

Receive daily wellness mindset inspiration

Learn how to make health and wellness decisions

Health gives you options... and so do I

Let's do this!

monthly payment plan

one time payment


$197 FOR 12 MonthS





“Your words touch my soul and I can’t wait to read them each day!!”

"WOW! Tracie, this session was soooooooo awesome."

“Your words are like tiny drops of cure for exactly where I am every time.”

“Perspective shifting- that’s what you’re teaching me. Thank you.”

“Your words bring peace and healing… Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a balm in this thorny world.”

“Thank you. My mornings are better with your words.”

“Each question opens things up in me.”

“Wow, again, speaking to my heart and bringing peace to my soul.”

“I’ve been brought to tears many times by just how prescient and powerful these mini meditations have been for me.”

"Though you were miles away, I felt like you were right next to me because I recalled and utilized your methods while I was in labor. Your coaching isn't just for temporary situations. I've been able to apply it to various areas and situations in my everyday life."

In Suite Holistic

We believe that you are the interconnection of all of your parts and that health, healing and harmony are possible for you, your household and your community

I am committed to helping you avoid unnecessary sickness and suffering, or settling for mediocre health. Your health is an investment that you get to influence, improve and inform yourself about. And it's an honor to offer you guidance as you do.

About This Holistic Life

This Holistic Life is a female led, independent nursing practice specializing in holistic and integrative health and healing, stress relief, self-care, natural remedies and women's wellness.

About Tracie

This Holistic Life was founded by Tracie Braylock MSN, BSN, RN, a holistic nurse educator and women's wellness coach. Tracie started her career in the operating room and was present for thousands of surgeries.

Today, she's the owner of her nursing education practice, mother of four and featured in publications like the American Holistic Nurses Association's Beginning's Magazine, Thrive Global, Grit & Virtue and Proverbs 31 Ministries.

This Holistic Life includes mindset coaching, holistic and integrative heath education and healthcare insider expertise to help you optimize your health and well-being.



I have another question that's not addressed here.

Yes, however; each member will need to have their own separate membership.

Can I join with my team, group, partner, or family?

There is a specific wellness path to follow based off of my personal and professional framework. You will also receive mindset coaching meditations, sustenance sessions and the Q&A option each month to keep you accountable and in community as you explore the courses at your own pace.

Is there a path to follow or is this a bunch of random programs?

Almost immediately after joining you'll receive an email giving you access to the membership site.

What happens after I join?

I don't offer refunds, however; if you're on the monthly plan, you can cancel anytime with 15 days' notice.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind Suite Holistic?

Yes! And I'd love to have you.

I don't live in the U.S. Can I join?

Anyone who does not want to enhance their health.

Anyone who wants opinions and perspectives from endless sources before making personal choices.

Anyone who is not willing to commit to and stick with a new practice long enough to see if it actually works for them.

Anyone who wants instant results and doesn't want to do any work to achieve results.

I will give you tools and guide you in the direction you want to go, yet you have to get up and walk for yourself.

Who wouldn't do well in Suite Holistic?

You can submit your question via the monthly Q&A option. I will answer it confidentially - no one will know you asked the question and let you know where to find the answer. Sometimes, I'll directly respond to you. Other times, I will use your question to teach everyone either via blog post, podcast, etc.

I have a specific health condition that I'd like to discuss with you. Is this possible?

No. However, much of the content is specific to women's health and healing.

Is Suite Holistic only for women?

have questions


This is your path to better health, meaningful healing, transformative guidance, greater peace of mind, and overall well-being.

Invest in your health now


monthly payment plan

one time payment


$197 FOR 12 MonthS