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The Thrive Therapy Membership is a month-to-month online holistic health and healing program to create healthy lifestyle practices with ease. It teaches you how to use holistic methods to alter your habits, prevent unnecessary illness, care for your entire well-being and transform your long-term health.


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Hey! I’m Tracie, your holistic nurse educator, writer and mother of 4. I know the importance of self-care and overall wellness to keep up with the demands of everyday life. What I know for sure is that you’re not a disease or diagnosis, you don’t have to remain distracted or discouraged and your wholeness, wellness and dreams are attainable.

I’m here to help you heal, hear truth and have greater peace so you can harness your potential and impact the world as only you can. It’s time to experience your best life, embrace your God given purpose and confidently exhibit your light in the world. I’m so glad you’re here!

Tracie Braylock MSN, BSN, RN

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