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Writer, Holistic Nurse Educator & Mama of 4, reminding entrepreneurs and creatives  to care for your health and well-being as you build your businesses and get your work into the world.

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Self-Care Conscious

Care for Yourself as You Carry Out Your Mission

  I’ve witnessed many women, including myself, completely change their lives when they commit to self-care. But I also know that it’s easy to get off track. You start off strong and with the best intentions, then you begin to skip a day or two because you think you don’t have time to fit it in. Or maybe life gets a bit chaotic and you slip right back into your old habits that do nothing to serve you.

I’ve seen this struggle again and again. So I created something that will change your self-care practice forever.

Let me introduce you to…


Self-Care Conscious

a digital workshop for women

  Self-Care Conscious offers you the structure and support you need to stick to your self-care practice Over the course of this self-directed monthly workshop, you’ll learn how to reduce stress, maintain your wellness routine and enhance your overall well-being.  


the principles of holistic self-care, wellness, holistic practices and the mind, body, spirit connection


using the journal prompts to dig deeper into each topic, uncovering what you need to heal and nurture


by keeping your self-care and wellness routine on track with the practical guidance and support


as you experience relief from whatever’s stressing you, enhance your overall well-being and exhibit the wholeness God intends for you

Whether you’re struggling to establish your self-care practice, want to eliminate some of the stress in your life or simply want to new strategies to help you maintain your current practice, Self-Care Conscious will set you up with a simple and sustainable foundation to make your practice your own.

No experience is necessary

Self-Care Conscious includes self-paced content that’s released over the course of 6 weeks. This makes it easier to work through the content, process it and apply it to your life. 


The 6 lessons include:

What is Self-Care and Why it Matters

How to Create a Self-Care Plan

Make Your Self-Care Practice a Priority

Create a Self-Care Space

Take a Holistic Approach to Self-Care

How to Use Holistic Practices to Maximize Your Self-Care


Once you register, you will have instant access to the first week of content. You can easily access this material from the private membership area at anytime, from anywhere.

You’ll need a pen, notebook and secure wifi connection to complete the work.

Meet Your Self-Care Curator
Hey! I’m Tracie. This program was created to exhibit the many ways you can heal, replenish, reduce stress and care for yourself. When you’re steeped in a narrative that suggests that all things can be fixed with medication and surgery, problems and pain can be masked and the many opportunities to optimize your well-being naturally, effectively and permanently can be missed. In doing so, you become unable to get to the root of your issues – mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, etc. and experience complete healing and wholeness. Self-Care Conscious gives you a chance to reflect, reveal, release and re-imagine your wellness and existence by equipping you with a variety of tools and teaching you how to use them in practical ways for your own self-care in your everyday life. These practices are meant to become a part of your routine in a way that is unique to you, to help you prevent future dis-ease, maintain your wellness and develop a sustainable self-care plan. We weren’t made to go at it alone – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 – so I’m here to come along side and support you on your journey. I look forward to working with you in this program and hope you thrive in every area of your life.  
Self-Care isn’t one size fits all

Invest in yourself and get the inspiration you need to create a self-care plan that’s right for you

Self-Care Conscious will open for enrollment soon. Enter your name and email address to be the first to know when enrollment opens up again.



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