Fall Inspired Diffuser Blends

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and the seasons have changed. It’s amazing how nature embraces transition and demonstrates how graceful this can be.

Let’s remember that there’s beauty in every season, and enjoy this list of Fall Inspired Diffuser Blends.


Grab your copy of the Fall Inspired of Diffuser Blends below.

Fall Inspired Diffuser Blends - Find Download Here

The Gratitude Collection 01

It’s far too easy to keep rushing from task to task and forget about the wonders that we experience from moment to moment. In an effort to slow my pace and deepen my practice beyond brief pauses in awe, I’ve decided to assemble a collection of what I’m grateful for.   Hot coffee (seriously) Cozy…

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The Journey Continues

For years I struggled to define myself. I had quite literally trapped myself on a cyclical journey attempting to meet the non-existent expectations of others. My role had changed. My career was paused. My perspective deeply shifted. And I didn’t know that this freedom would rattle my being. This freedom of time, of choice, of…

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Your Gift for Celebrating with Me

It’s my birthday! And I want to give you a gift. For half my life now I’ve worked and studied in health and wellness and it continues to be a part of my mission. I want you to maximize your mind, body, spirit, emotional and financial well-being. So for today only, when you commit to…

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Experiencing Whispers of Rest

I gazed out of the window watching the trees blow in the wind realizing the mundane experience of getting an oil change had given me a breath of fresh air. It was the first time in as long as I could remember that I had just stopped, just waited, just enjoyed. I had given our…

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