Health and Lifestyle Consultations

I provide holistic and integrative health and lifestyle consultations. Topics may include but are not limited to:

Holistic & Integrative Health
Examples: Complementary Therapies, Healing Practices, Relaxation Strategies, etc.

Examples: Spaces (home, office, etc.), Work, Relationships, etc.

Examples: Support, Encouragement, Resources, etc. 

Examples: Starting a Creative Business, Blogging, Writing, Social Media, Marketing, Resources, etc.

Faith & Spirituality
Examples: Prayer, Faith at home, Faith at work, Everyday faith, Spiritual Health

Examples: Holistic specialty, Nursing Student Guidance, etc.



How it works:

  • Your virtual consultation begins with your story & your questions
  • I will thoroughly, thoughtfully & confidentially answer each question based on the details you provide & return your responses via email
  • Following receipt of my responses, you have 30 days to submit any questions you have based on my responses. These are not new questions, but questions that arise based on the new information you have just received from me
  • I will then respond to your follow up questions, concluding our consultation


Forms: Please read the Medical Disclaimer and Informed Consent prior to purchasing your consultation. Your purchase of preferred consultation indicates your agreement with both documents and readiness to proceed with consulting services from Tracie Braylock, MSN, BSN, RN.
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