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Holistic Pregnancy

Take Charge of Your Pregnancy & Birth Experience while Nurturing Your Mind, Body & Spirit



Tracie Braylock, Holistic Nurse Educator, Coach & Author, has witnessed over 100 births, is the mother of two boys and has had two holistic pregnancies and empowered birth experiences.

During this recorded teleseminar, you’ll learn:

-How to Choose the best Healthcare Practitioners such as Doctors, Midwives & Doulas for your indivdual needs
-How to Choose Your Birth Location
-Who Should be Present During Your Labor & Birth
-How to Incorporate Holistic Health Practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga & breathing into Your Pregnancy & Labor

This is not your normal how to give birth talk, full of anatomy and jargon you have to complete a Google search to understand. We’re going to discuss the behind the scenes, mother-to mother, not so obvious, wish someone would’ve told me truth.

Pregnancy and labor are processes of self-discovery.  I believe, with all of my being, that you, as a woman, instinctively know how to birth your baby and that your baby knows how to be born.  I support you to achieve the birth that is divinely meant for you and I support the decisions made by you and your partner, as ultimately right for your family.

I am passionate about helping you to achieve the positive birth experience that you desire.  Whether this is your first or fourth baby, or you are trying to conceive, I will support you to have the most confident pregnancy and birth experience possible. Our partnership will help you to:

-Prepare your mind, body, spirit and environment for pregnancy and birth
-Address your concerns and fears, working through them before giving birth
-Educate yourself on your rights, birth options, and responsibilities
-Make intentional decisions based on the knowledge you gain and what’s important to you
-Gain tools for relaxation, stress elimination, and birth preparation



2 hour mp3 recording
Companion Holistic Pregnancy Manual

$37 – Instant Download


The Meditated Mom

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The Pregnancy Peace

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