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Writer, Holistic Nurse Educator & Mama of 4, reminding entrepreneurs and creatives  to care for your health and well-being as you build your businesses and get your work into the world.

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ILLUME | Tracie Braylock[/one-half-first]

[one-half]If you’re not online, you don’t have a business.

These are the words I read in the book of Austin Kleon, the NYT Bestselling Author of Share Your Work.

Because in today’s world, when someone wants information, they turn to the internet.

Whether it’s a Google Search or a Facebook post, people want quick access to their information.

And you need to be prepared.[/one-half]


Doing business online requires a unique set of tools, not only to allow your business to run effectively, but to connect with those who need what you have.

Imagine what it would feel like to minimize the time you spend searching for tools to run your business. Then, imagine what it would feel like to connect your work with precisely who needs it.

You no longer need to spend countless resources – time and money – on trial and error methods. You can get started, and unstuck, while truly enjoying the process of sharing your work in the online world.

If you dream of doing work you love, getting paid what you’re worth and nourishing your well-being in the process, then The Online Launch Lab is for you.

Behind these digital doors, you’ll find 21 chapters of business propelling content designed to not only increase your presence and transition your business to the next level, but to eliminate the barriers to experiencing growth and abundance.

Illume is for you if…


The Online Launch Lab | Tracie Braylock

Illume | Tracie Braylock


[/one-half-first][one-half]» You have an idea, product or service you want to monetize or a business you want to take to the next level.

» You need a fully functioning online business but don’t have much free time to spend setting it up.

» You work full-time and want to launch something on side and don’t know where to start

» You’re struggling to break through and get unstuck even though you know what you offer can help improve people’s lives.

» You’re overwhelmed by the amount of content out there and just want someone you can trust, who’s actually walked the path themselves.

» You’re tired of watching others achieve their business goals and not knowing how to create that success for yourself.

» You’re ready to make an impact, make a profit and make your business dreams come true.

Most of all, you want practical, actionable strategies and solutions that you can implement immediately – tools that will work and give you tangible results.




As Seen In

A thriving business is no accident. This instant access guide will provide you with the tools you need to connect with your tribe, maximize your strengths and share your message with the world.

Throughout this program, you’ll gain access to the inner workings of my online business and how I’ve built my company from the ground up. You’ll also get insight from the experts who’ve guided me along the way. (I spent years gaining this wisdom – you’ll get it in a few hours!)

The Online Launch Lab | Tracie Braylock

Together, we’ll be covering these principles for creating a successful online business, including how to:

 Communicate the Purpose Behind the Work You’re Sharing
  • What it means to brand your business
  • How your everyday life impacts your business
  • The difference between branding and brand identity

Effectively share your work with those who need it

  • connecting with the people who need what you have with grace and confidence
  • the types of marketing methods available in the online space
  • marketing techniques that allow you to remain true to who you are and what you love

Create content that’s authentic to your voice and connects with your audience

  • types of content you can create
  • consistently generate content that you and your audience enjoy

Remain Productive in the Digital Space

  • minimize distractions (competition, pop ups, rabbit holes)
  • hiring the right employees/contractors/assistants for your business
  • automating processes
  • scheduling techniques

Master Social Media to Connect, Communicate and Cultivate Your Business

  • use the business tools offered by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn as your own personal business library
  • use tools on each platform to share your message, products and services
  • create ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest

Utilize Ecommerce Strategies and Solutions to Monetize Your Work

  • sell your products and services through your very own online store
  • accept payments anytime and anywhere
  • leverage Shopify to sell your products and services

Self-Publish Your Books

  • publish your books on platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble & iBooks
  • get your ISBN and barcodes
  • maximize your reach with Author profiles and communities

PLUS so much MORE, like:

  • where to look when you need to hire someone for your business
  • where to find legal advice for your online business
  • what software to use to send invoices and accept payments
  • what platforms to use to analyze your marketing data
  • tools to help you create graphics, audio and video for your business

It’s Time for You to Start Thriving Online!

Available for immediate download

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