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Leap into the New Season | Tracie Braylock


Our boys love to climb onto and jump off of everything. So the other day, with a full tank of energy and a wee bit of insanity, one of them ran into our bedroom and started jumping on our bed.

I immediately told him to get off of the bed. With the satisfaction of knowing he successfully got a few jumps in, he said yes ma’am and began to climb down. But before he did, I stepped back a couple feet and told him to jump. Not one to ever back down from anything, he said okay, immediately leaping into the air and into my arms. He held on tight and said his usual resounding “that was awesome!”

It was such a powerful moment. His willingness to just go for it without ever questioning if it was safe or if he could truly trust me to catch him made me reevaluate my current posture.

It caused an awakening in me as I realized that I didn’t have to wait another minute to offer you what I have right now. To simply go for it and trust that all would be well in the process.

You can only collect so much – info, resources and stuff – before you’re bursting at the seams. So here I am, with open arms ready to release a new batch of goodies for you.

I’ve been hunting, gathering and storing up all kinds of greatness for you for quite some time. And now with the image of my exuberant son flying through the air at the forefront of my mind, I’m ready to share it all with you.

Click here to check out the soon to be released wellness kits and add your name to the waiting list to be the first to get all of the details.

Here’s to leaping and thriving together my friend!


What are you passionate about? What goals are you striving to achieve? Or what are you simply holding on to that you’re ready to release into the world? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Adrian Ferguson says:

    Hi Tracie!!!

    Currently I am building my unique travel business!

    My link is: AdrianFerguson.Inteletravel.com

    I am confident– Boldly confident that I will hit Director of Travel. Thank you for your positive website!

    I am a fan!!!! Also keep son, Garrett in prayer as he succeeds through Medical School as a Nurses Anthesthesist. God bless you and yours! Ms. A

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