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Today was definitely one of those days in which the quest for beauty spanned far and wide. I felt exhausted by lunchtime. Our little ones kept me busy and running circles around our home. I had to push past the cries, the laundry, the toys, the everything and just pray.

Praying and connecting with God is my balance; there’s no other way to achieve it.

There are days when time is short and hours are long. There are days when exercise consists of bending over hundreds of times cleaning spills and bottoms and reaching up to the sky crying out to God for help.

There are days when sleep is a buried treasure in the quick sand of parenthood destined to elude your grasp and erase your plans.

There are other days when I just want a cookie. A sweet, little decadent piece of heaven that reminds me of my own simple, joyous living and 0 responsibilities.

Balance seems to be all a matter of perspective. Have you taken the time to nurture the area in your life that is beckoning you? Are you attentive enough to your needs to know when to take a break or ask for help? Do you have more on your plate than humanly possible to accomplish? Where your priorities lie so does your balance.

In the midst of the sleepless, tiresome days and nights, there are beautiful moments to behold and life to be experienced. I wouldn’t change,for anything in the world, the moments that allow me to nurture my children; drawing them close, singing them songs, praying, coloring, reading, laughing and loving with them. They encourage me to live and enhance my living. They give greater meaning to my work and adventure to my days.

Nonetheless, I recognize the need to nurture myself and take a few moments to replenish.

I encourage you to listen to your needs; to take the time to heal, rest and restore; to see the beauty in the work of your hands; to give just a little bit more even when you think you’re all tapped out. Ask God for a bit more strength and then give this life everything you’ve got. Leave nothing on the table. Leave nothing up to chance. Your life matters and so do you. Push past those obstacles and keep on going. It’s worth it.

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