If you’re a Mama who needs to take a step back from it all, this kit is for you.

Mothering is wonderful adventure that has a way of occupying an abundance of time, energy space.

Unfortunately, this causes many women to turn to extreme measures to get a sense of control over the life they’re experiencing. I’ve witnessed women who’ve tried everything from medication to more dangerous methods to cope with everyday life. So I want to offer you a safer and natural way of navigating motherhood.

The Meditated Mom will enable you to unapologetically nourish yourself and refuel so that you can bring a better version of yourself to mothering.

As a Mama of 4, there have been times when I’ve found that the thought of planning something for myself seemed overwhelming, or draining, and like it’s more work than it’s worth. But we both know that this simply isn’t true.

The remedy is to be intentional about taking a moment to plan ahead, instead of waiting for exhaustion to hit or a free moment to magically appear.

The Meditated Mom offers you a curated collection of self-care activities to minimize the decision fatigue and maximize your free moments, so you can be refreshed, nurtured and confident that you’ll get to the self-care without much struggle.

What's Included

journal prompts

music playlists

coloring pages




diffuser blends


and more


Plus, you’ll have access to all the future updates and additions to the kit.

Simply open The Meditated Mom and dive into whatever you’re in need of.

The investment for The Meditated Mom is a one time payment of $47. The benefits are endless. And, I’m offering you a limited time discount of $10 off!


What if I don’t know how to meditate? Will this still work for me?

Yes, The Meditated Mom offers a variety of holistic wellness practices that will help you

Can this digital kit really help me?

Absolutely! I’ve included links, downloadable tools and also include a list of items that you can purchase separately to build an at home self-care kit. This digital kit is meant to serve you, anytime from anywhere you have wifi access.

What happens after I place my order?

You’ll receive an email that gives you the details for logging in and gaining immediate access to The Meditated Mom content.



Yes, you can be there for your children and for yourself, with joy and ease. And The Meditated Mom will help you do it.

These are the tools and resources that I use in my everyday life to help me be present with my family, maintain my self-care routine and enjoy the journey. I hope they offer you the calm and care you’re longing as well.

You’re worth the investment. So take advantage of your $10 discount which expires soon!