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You're in the presence of a community of like minded people, mentored by me and a collection of amazing peers to create their own success through launching and expanding your own home-based, online wellness business.   


...desire community, connection and intentional care
...are passionate about health promotion, wellness & inspiring healthful living
...want to start or grow a business, side hustle or earn extra income
...want to work your own hours from home or anywhere
...want to choose mama care over day care (if that's for you!)
...want the flexibility to live life on your own terms
...want to intensify your personal growth



    • your own home-based online business to nurture and grow ON YOUR OWN TERMS (for $165)
    • a strategy/coaching session with me to determine your launch plan and/or how to integrate this opportunity with your existing brand or business
    • an incredibly supportive community
    • an abundance of personal and professional development and training
    • access to amazing events, online and around the globe
    • to be part of an incredible and growing team of like-minded souls
    • text and email updates
    • digital downloads and resources
    • ongoing access to our library of classes, videos, recipes and more

  Not only do we get to hang out, but you can finally make your well-being + self-care a priority while serving others and creating an additional income stream in your life so you can live the life you want    

So... what will you decide?

Our team is dedicated to creating awareness, abundance and amplifying the use of essential oils. If you're interested in our products, but not yet ready to build your wellness business, follow this button and we'll take care of you!

In the Suite, we believe that self-care isn't selfish. It's restorative, necessary, honors the purpose of your existence and prioritizes your wellness.

I'm here to help you understand and care for yourself like never before.

And I'm not talking occasional bubble baths and momentary stress relief.


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