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Discover what it takes to work virtually anywhere


Whether you need to launch your business now to generate an income, sustain the work you've already begun or move your work into the online space, The Virtual Shift can help.

Offering you the education & support you need to work online, these 7 modules will teach you how to help you launch, grow and sustain your business virtually

Modules Include:

- The Essentials -
- Content Creation -
- Marketing -
- eCommerce -
- Automation -
- Legal Stuff -
-Online Business Resources -

What Others are Saying

Tracie knows her stuff!

She truly sells the importance of social media for small business owners and is passionate about her clients getting results. I must admit that when I opened my boutique, I dreaded the idea of advertising on social media but, Tracie came to my rescue. Tracie has done an amazing job helping me launch all of my social media outlets. The creativity and vision that she brings to her clients is phenomenal. Her technical competency has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. Thanks Tracie for all you have done. So Pleased.

Terrie Cook
Simply D’Vine Boutique LLC

When I decided to begin an online business, I had no idea what I was doing! And because I believe that a significant component of our holistic well-being includes your professional and financial health, I created The Virtual Shift to help you avoid wasting your precious time and energy, and begin doing the work that you enjoy online. So whether it's a side hustle, the ability to work remotely or a desire to share who you are and what you do online, The Virtual Shift is designed to help you. The Virtual Shift offers you over a decade of online entrepreneurship insight, resources and equipment in an easy to understand format, to help you quickly implement your strategy for working online.



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