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You’re curious about the online world. You believe it’s a great option for doing work you love and doing it on your own terms. But where do you begin?!

The Virtual Shift | Tracie Braylock

Introducing The Virtual Shift

The Virtual Shift is designed to maximize both your valuable time and ideas, and provide you with resources to begin creating the online business you desire.

The Virtual Shift is for you if you:

  • have tons of business ideas but don’t know where to start
  • have professional experiences that you want to package and offer as a product or service
  • want help/insight/information from an experienced online business owner
  • have another job that prevents you from investing lots of time in doing all of your own online business research
  • are working with clients and need help finding the better tools to do your work online



Here’s what you’ll get:

Option #1: The Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment will help you determine:

  • what type of business you want to operate
  • what skills you already have to offer
  • who your customers are and how you’ll connect with them

The Needs Assessment asks you thought provoking questions to help you think through the details of your online business and can be used as the foundation of your business plan.

Option #2: The Consultation

The Consultation provides you with:

  • the Needs Assessment and
  • a strategic outline for your online business

The strategic outline includes my recommendations for:

  • which platform to build your business on
  • the types of content you can offer
  • the types of products and services you can offer
  • a list of marketing ideas
  • e-commerce solutions
  • how to protect your intellectual property
  • some of the online tools you’ll need to launch and maintain your business



How it works:

The Needs Assessment

  • Receive the needs assessment and the questions you need to start asking yourself in order to create the online business you desire
  • You work through these questions at your own pace and
  • Tweak your responses as you need to and
  • Create the online business you desire

The Consultation

  • You complete your needs assessment
  • You then return your needs assessment to me
  • I review  your needs assessment and create your personalized strategic plan
  • You also get 1 follow up email exchange to clarify anything in the strategic plan and
  • Create the online business you desire with even greater clarity and confidence




What is your refund policy?

If you have questions, please take a moment to ask before you purchase. There’s a no refund policy for this package.

How does the email exchange work?

After you receive my recommendations in your strategic plan, you can send me an email with your clarifying questions. I will respond to your clarifying questions and this will end the email exchange.

What’s the timeline for sending you a message after I receive my strategic plan?

You have 60 days from the day I email you the strategic plan, to respond with your questions. This gives you time to review, work through and implement some of the recommendations and possibly, come up with other questions to ask with the email exchange.

What happens after I make my purchase?

After you make your purchase, you will receive a welcome email from me that includes your needs assessment so you can get started.



Start creating the online business you long for today


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