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There's Room for You | Tracie Braylock

Taking a leap can be unnerving. There are unknowns and what ifs and how long? But I’ve come to know that there is much more pain and discomfort remaining where you are wondering about what could be than there will ever be in just moving forward.

I read a message online today from a woman who is afraid to step forward on a new career path because she believes the market is too saturated in her desired field. Saturated or not, she is a bundle of uniqueness that is not present in that market.

When we get close to something and begin to study and learn what we can about it, we usually have one of two thoughts, I want in or where do I fit in? We either immediately see the value we can bring to a situation or we wonder what more can we offer.

When you ask where do I fit in and what more can I offer, it’s generally because you are in awe of what’s already available and believe the work that’s being done is already great work.

Yes, that’s nice, and it may even be true, but realize that just because greatness is already in the room doesn’t mean you’re any less great and have nothing worth sharing. You are your very own special package of greatness, not to be compared with anyone else or to shrink in fear of what appears to be excellent.

I dare you to just show up. Just stand in the presence of what you think is great and simply be. Pull up a chair. Come to the table. Clear out a corner. Do whatever you need to do because your mere presence declares there’s room for you.

You may not have any clue of where to begin, but don’t let it stop you from embarking on the new path. The ideas and inspiration will come when you dare to show up.

There’s always a way to serve and there will always be someone to help. Stop looking in the mirror and start looking around you. Your unique gifts will see a need, will experience a gap, will feel what’s missing and you’ll be right there to fulfill it.

Walk towards what could be the best opportunity of your life. Take the chance. Take the leap. There’s room for you.

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