Virtual Consult

How It Works

  1. Your consult is done online – from anywhere – on a privacy-protected portal!
  2. Enter payment information for the consultation.
  3. Fill out the online assessment and personal information form.
  4. Upload questions and history for Tracie to review.
  5. Wait 72 business hours for your personalized recommendations.
  6. Ask follow up questions within 30 days. 
  7. Receive final follow up response within 72 business hours. 

I’m always honored to receive calls and messages from those who want to pick my brain and find answers to the things that they’re working through. I’ve found that it’s very important to get as much background information as possible so that my recommendations provide you with the best strategies and solutions for your unique situation. 

Now, you will have the chance to rest in the comfort of your home, explain your journey to me on a privacy-protected portal, and receive a customized plan of recommendations. Whether you are in Toronto, Thailand or right here in Toledo, I know this consultation will give you answers to enhance your situation with greater ease and clarity.