Writing and Self-Publishing

Let me teach you my Writing and Self-Publishing tips!

Dear Writer,

One of the most enjoyable things about my online business is the people I’ve been able to connect with. I get to share my ideas, experiences and passions with people from all over the world through my ebooks, articles, and blog posts.

Writing is what led me to start my online business and I now serve others with my words, art and nursing expertise from my mobile devices.

Yes! I get to share my writing from my own home or any location I choose. And I’m here to help you and share what I’ve learned on my journey.

Mobile Office

It’s Your time to SHINE!

You’ve decided to share your words with the world. Awesome! It’s an honor to support you on your writing journey.

I can teach you how to:

  • Select a blogging platform
  • Choose your domain name
  • Write a blog to share your writing
  • Write articles for online websites in your specialty area
  • Self publish your writing
  • Purchase an ISBN for your book
  • Utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to build your platform
  • Set up your Author platform on Amazon & GoodReads
  • Stay motivated and inspired to keep achieving your goals
  • Carve out time to write and run your business
  • Organize your thoughts, papers, workspace and files
  • Get comfortable sharing your writing
  • Accomplish what matters most to you
  • And More!
Invest in Yourself NOW!




You’ll begin with an online survey that results in a personalized guide of tips and tools to help you implement action steps and reach your specific goals. This option also includes (1) 30 minute eConsultation once a month for 3 months for questions, support and encouragement along the way.

  • (1) Personalized Guide
  • (1) 30 min eConsultation each month for 3 consecutive months

Let’s work together!

1 EZ Payment of $347

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You’ll complete an online survey that will result in a detailed guide to meet your particular needs. The guide will be packed with tips, resources, and action steps to help you achieve your goals. You’ll also receive a 15 minute eConsultation to answer your questions and get support for your journey.

  • (1) Personalized Guide
  • (1) 15 minute eConsultation

 I’m ready to work with you!

1 EZ Payment of $97

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Mini Consultation

Your mini consultation is great for quick and specific questions. You’ll receive insight, tips and resources to enhance your work and productivity without the long term commitment.

  • 15 minute eConsultation

Get started Now!

1 EZ Payment of $37

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