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3 Mobile Updates to Facebook Pages that Will Benefit Your Business

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Facebook recently announced new updates for Facebook pages; specifically, how your page can be viewed on mobile devices.

In the past, anyone viewing your Facebook page via a mobile device was unable to view the tabs that are visible on the desktop version of Facebook.

The call to action button, such as shop now or learn more, was not a mobile option either.

But thankfully Facebook was listening. They understand the impact of mobile access for customers and businesses alike and the significance of immediately connecting and building relationships even on the go. So they’re rolling out updates to make your business page easily accessible on mobile.

Here are the 3 Facebook Pages Mobile Updates that Will Benefit Your Business:3 Mobile Updates to Facebook Pages that Will Benefit Your Business | Tracie Braylock

1. Improved Page Layout

Because so many people utilize mobile devices to access Facebook and Facebook Pages, changes are being made to enhance mobile navigation. The changes will reduce the need to scroll and click to view information. Each page section will have a corresponding tab, just like the current photos and videos tabs. The goal is to organize information in a better, more user friendly way.

2. Call to Action Button

Facebook now offers new, prominent call to action buttons that enable you to encourage visitors to accomplish a particular goal. Examples : Sign Up. Schedule an Appointment. Book Now. Contact Us.

The button is bigger, brighter and directly under the profile image.

3. New Sections

New sections enables you to feature content that’s relevant to your particular business. Currently all businesses have access to the same type of sections. Now, there will be a Shop and Services option, depending upon whether you’re a retail store or offer professional services. This new feature allows you to display your products and services at the top of your page helping visitors to understand how they can engage with you.

These changes are extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs and small business owners as it’s imperative that you demonstrate what you can offer a potential customer or client as quickly and as easily as possible. Thanks Facebook for continuing to help us in the marketplace!

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