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4 Ways Periscope Can Boost Your Business

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4 Ways Periscope Can Boost Your Business | Tracie Braylock

Periscope.tv, Twitter’s live streaming app is one of my new favorite apps. I’m extremely careful about adding yet another thing to my schedule, but Periscope has enabled me to connect with many entrepreneurs who I was previously unaware of. I’ve also been able to share great ideas and strategies with scopers in real time and expand my own audience.

I encourage you to give Periscope a try. At the very least go in and grab your username so it’s available to you when you’re ready to join.

Here’s some Periscope terminology to help get you started:

Scope – Every time you broadcast live, you are creating a scope
Scoper – A person using the Periscope platform
Hearts – Scopers can tap their screen to generate hearts indicating that they are enjoying your broadcast and the content you’re currently sharing
Replay – Scopes are available for 24 hours after the broadcast has ended and others can watch the replay within that 24 hour timeframe.
Shares – Scopers can share your scope to their followers, on Facebook and Twitter and copy the link to share in anywhere else as well.
Follow – Scopers can follow your profile just like they do on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or your Facebook page
Screenshots – When scopers take a screenshot of your scope, a camera icon will float up along with the hearts so you know a screenshot has been taken.

Now that you can speak Periscope language, here are 4 ways Periscope can help your business thrive.4 Ways Periscope Can Boost Your Business | Tracie Braylock

1. Build Know, Like and Trust

Periscope can help you build know, like & trust with your audience. Just like any other relationship, the more you’re seen and heard, the more others feel like they know you. When you do regular scopes that offer value to others, people will begin to like what you’re sharing and you’ll gain their trust as an entrepreneur and business owner.

2. Network and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs

As a solopreneur, Periscope has been a great place to network and share space with others who are also working hard in their businesses and bringing their dreams to life. We cheer each other on, affirm our efforts and share valuable resources with one another

3. Generate new content

Periscope offers a unique way to share content with your audience – LIVE! You can share behind the scenes, how to, Q & A and an endless list of other options. It is another way to generate content for your brand and business and connect with those who need your products and services.

4. Show up and Add Value

Showing up to other scopes and adding value by answering questions and sharing insight is a great way to get noticed and gain followers. Be sure not to take over someone else’s scope though. You don’t want people to dread seeing you coming. But act as a very knowledgeable assistant who can recap great tips and answer questions related to your expertise while the scoper is broadcasting

Now it’s time to head on over to Periscope and join the party. You can find me @TracieBraylock on Periscope and all other platforms. Leave your username in the comments below so I can find you as well.

*Update – Clickable links have been added to the Periscope platform. Now you can direct your followers to your website, favorite social media platform and more.

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