The #BeMore Book by Sandi Krakowski

The #BeMore Book | Tracie Braylock
I’m currently reading @sandikrakowski book #BeMore, 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life.

This book is empowering, encouraging & uplifting. It’s packed with great truth & wisdom, much of which I already know to be true, but can never get enough of. Sandi’s approach is direct and straight from the heart. Her desire for others to succeed, embody who they are destined to be and #bemore for themselves and the world exudes from the pages.

I write about many of the truths shared within her pages. A call to rise up, to accept your greatness, to live everyday fully, to be who God created you to be. It’s been an absolute joy to read her words – words that God has often spoken to my heart – that she has now helped to cultivate and reignite in me.

Check it out for yourself.

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