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1.     How far along are you in your pregnancy?
28 weeks
2.  Do you have any other children?  How many?  If yes, how does this pregnancy differ from the others?  If no, do you plan to have more children?
Yes, I have two girls.. 5 and 3 1/2. This pregnancy is uneventful, much like my other two. However, I was very sick for the first 18 weeks with this pregnancy vs. 13 weeks with my other two. Also, we are having a boy this time! So, just knowing this is very different.
3.  How did you prepare for this pregnancy?
My husband and I were ready and trying to have another baby. One big way I prepared for this pregnancy was by starting January 2011 off with a ‘fast’. For three weeks, I fasted from sweets/simple sugar and lunch. I lost a few pounds and generally felt better. Plus, I cleared my mind from needing sugar. I think this set me up for a healthy beginning to this pregnancy.
4.  Are you cared for by a physician or midwife?  Why? 
I see a OBGYN. He is a wondeful doctor and delievered my first two girls. I have been going to him for 7+ years. I trust him completely.  I prefer to see a medical doctor for something as significant as a pregnancy. While pregnancy is a perfectly natural part of life, there are many things which can go wrong and I feel safer/more secure using a person trained to deal with medical problems. Thus, I choose not to see a midwife.
5.  Do you plan to have a hospital or homebirth?  Why? 
Hospital. My doctor only delievers at the hospital and if my baby should need immediate critical care, I prefer to be at a place where there is a level 3 NICU.
6.  Do you desire to have a natural labor and delivery or do you plan to receive medication?
Medication, absolutely. With my first daughter, I tried to go med free. I used pictures and breathing techniques, but choose to receive IV meds and then later, an epidural. I labored over 12 hours with her and am sure my body would have needed a C-Section had I not had an epidural. I think it allowed me the strength to have a vaginal delivery. This time around, I am just getting an epidural right away…I think they are wonderful!
7.  Do you have a birth plan? 
Epidural ASAP 🙂
8.  How have you taken care of your health and wellness since becoming pregnant?
I am a runner, but never run when pregnant. I give my body a break and don’t want to worry about my heartrate going too high. One way I take care of myself is by walking most days of the week. I walk between 3-4 miles at a semi-vigorous pace (basically, I sweat!) I also don’t eat red meat and up my intake of greens and protein. I drink only water while I am pregnant and lots of it! I also take warm baths to relax myself and go to bed early.
9.   Have you had any complications with this pregnancy? 
10.  What do you do to relax and relieve stress or discomfort? 
See #8- baths, massages (in the 3rd trimester), reading and going to bed early.
11.  What do you enjoy most about being pregnant?
Feeling the baby move and watching my body change as the baby grows.
12.  What is your least favorable thing about being pregnant?
Weight gain! With all three pregnancies, I gain close to 40 pounds. (While I am not at the end of this pregnancy, my weight is exactly where it was at 28 weeks with this baby as with my other two). So, I am on track to gain that same weight too.  I know it’s very healthy and needed, but it’s hard for me to go to the doctor and gain 8-10 in a month. It doesn’t do much for my self-esteem.
13.   Are you involved in any pregnancy groups (in-person or online)? 
14.  What advice would you share with other women who are pregnant or desire to be?
Become as healthy as you can before becoming pregnant. If you have extra weight, lose it. If you have relationships that need mending, mend them. If you need to change your eating habits, do so. If you smoke/drink, stop! You will feel better during your pregnancy and give your baby the best chance of good growth and healthy outcomes.


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