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The Gift of Caring

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As Mothers, each day we have the honor of caring for our children. We have the opportunity to display God’s love, teach His ways and model whole, healthy living before them.

We must remember that caring for ourselves is not a selfish act, but a healthful practice and a form of worship unto God. {Romans 12:1} Adding healthful practices to your everyday routine will not only enhance your health, it enhances your worship. Your efforts tell God that you value your health and are intentionally making an effort with the time and resources available to you to take care of yourself.

Yes, as a Mom, our days can be very full. There are times when the days are long and the hours are short and you wonder how you will get anything done, but know that God will honor your effort. God knows the condition of your heart.  God gave you the gift of caring, not only to give to your children, but to give to yourself as well. It’s a way of tending to and appreciating the health and life God has blessed you with.

The practice of caring for every aspect of who you are, including your mind, body, spirit and environment, is a holistic approach to your health and lifestyle. Holistic health and living requires you to address all of your needs while keeping your faith in God at the center of your healthful practices. Holistic health and living also incorporates many useful practices to enhance your health, reduce stress, prevent illness and promote relaxation.

Here are 8 Practical Ways to Care for Yourself while Caring for Your Children:

Breathe – the act of consciously breathing, increases oxygen levels throughout your body, calming anxious feelings and situations and helping you think more clearly

Pray – relying on God by giving Him your health, family, home, and every other aspect of your journey, is a gift you give to yourself. You are giving God your burdens, cares, concerns and trusting Him with the outcome

Meditate – meditation doesn’t always mean sitting still and being quiet. Meditation is what you intentionally think about and can be done while you’re cooking, vacuuming, walking, scrubbing, etc. This act of guiding your thoughts enables you to think positively, search out the great things in your life and reflect on them regularly

Stretch – stretching releases tension and endorphins (feel good hormones) that improve circulation and flexibility while strengthening your muscles and stabilizing your body

Eat – what you eat impacts how you feel. Food has the ability to heal, decrease inflammation, enhance your immune function and nourish your body. Food can also make you feel exhausted, and at times, leave you feeling hungrier if your choices have been poor. Eat foods that will help you thrive.

Drink – drinking lots of water will help keep you from eating unnecessarily while flushing toxins from your system. Your body thrives when you’re well hydrated so drink up.

Pamper – you may only have a few minutes alone before the children wake up, while they are taking a nap, as you wait for them to exit school or practice, so maximize this time. Read a few pages of a book you enjoy. Soak your feet in warm water. Inhale or rub on an essential oil. Write those ideas and dreams in your journal. Do something meaningful and just for you.

Give Thanks – expressing gratitude for your life, health & family also increases the feel good hormones in your body and trains your brain to associate your life, health & family as beneficial, enjoyable gifts.

Let’s face it. Caring for yourself takes work, but the more you include healthful practices into your routine, the more natural it becomes to take great care of yourself.

The better your health is, the better you are, making you better equipped to care for your children, and ultimately, serve God through every aspect of your life.

Thank God for the gift of caring by nurturing your health each and every day.

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