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Heal What Caused You to Stop Using Your Voice

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Each of us contains unique fingerprints. They’re an aspect of our existence that cannot be duplicated.

Just like those prints, your personality, skills and the things you enjoy are designed to leave a one of a kind mark on the world.

Yet, somewhere along the way something happened. Your unique voice became softer. Your one of a kind expression began to dull. Your bright light started to dim.

I’ve found that this happens in one of two ways.

Either you remember the exact moment when it happened. When you made the choice not to be yourself anymore. 

Someone said or did something that hurt and you vowed not to feel that way again.


You don’t know. You can’t remember how you got to where you are. You woke up to an unrecognizable version of yourself and don’t know precisely when or how the changes occurred.

Either way, it’s time to remember who you are.

It’s time to heal what caused you to stop using your voice.

It’s time to reclaim the space and purpose you’re here to fulfill.

This may take some time. This may take lots of energy and self exploration. But it’s worth the effort.

To begin, be patient with yourself. Offer yourself the same compassion you would a dear friend.

Forgive yourself for whatever role you played in the loss of your voice and recognize the gift of arriving at this moment ready to heal.

From this space you can begin to relearn how to confidently express your unique voice in the world.

Be gentle with yourself. Allow the wounds that caused your silence to be healed. Allow yourself to reimagine your voice in today’s world and with all of the knowledge and experiences you’ve acquired along the way.

I believe that from your healing and reclamation will come great power, influencing someone else to do the work to heal and express their voice.

So tell me in the comments, what expression of yourself do you need to heal and reclaim?

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