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How to Build Your Confidence

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Becoming confident in who you are, the gifts you have and the way only you show up in the world, are your superpowers. 

So it’s important to learn how to exercise and expand your confidence and make the greatest impact no matter what you’re doing.

These 3 practices will teach you how to build your confidence and conquer what you want to achieve.

1. Take Action

Your comfort zone will never allow you to expand or feel more confident than you already do. You have to shift your energy and actually start doing the thing(s) you want to do. Until you actually put yourself in the situation, you don’t really know where you are along the spectrum of progress, which means you could be unnecessarily beating yourself up and doubting your abilities. Take the first step by doing something so you can get a better sense of what additional steps you need to take.

2. Do the work of becoming better

Sometimes your confidence is shaking because you haven’t given yourself enough time to learn and master your craft. You can’t immediately expect yourself to be great at everything you touch. But you can commit time and energy to improving. Go read, study and practice so your confidence can grow along with your competence.

3. Acknowledge the thoughts, patterns and behaviors that make you feel insecure

There’s no point in denying the thoughts that rise up whenever you get ready to give it a try. Facing them is the only way to move beyond them. So there’s no need to act like you’re not afraid. That fear means you care and truly desire things to go in your favor. So recognize the risks and then remind yourself that you’ll be safe even if you fail.

4. Forgive yourself for the decisions that didn’t turn out well

It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You were using the knowledge you had gained up to that point and you made your choices from that perspective. Now, you’re a different version of you than you were then. And the only thing that’s keeping you stuck there, reminding you of the old version and those decisions you made that didn’t turn out how you originally imagined, is your inner dialogue. Know that you’re safe, and free to move forward.

Your confidence can be impacted by many things. These confidence boosting practices can help you get unstuck and moving forward, so you can achieve your goals and share your unique goodness in the world.

What steps are you going to take to build your confidence? Tell me in the comments below.

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