Live It!

ClockI just completed something from my “Live It” list! And I’m so excited about it.

There are things that we all want to accomplish in our lives and many times fear prevents us from following through. I want to be sure that when I’m 109 & am reflecting upon my life, I can honestly say, I did it all. I completed every dream I ever had (imperfectly) but I got it done. I don’t want to regret hesitating & allowing that action to make me miss out on something that was in my heart to do.

I’m glad I took the chance & hope that great things come from it. Either way, I hope that my excitement about accomplishing my personal goal inspires you to do the same. We have finite time and opportunities. Don’t miss out. Throw caution to the wind & go for it! Do what’s in your heart & what’s on your mind to accomplish. It’s worth the effort.

Author: traciebraylock

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