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Several years ago, while talking with my husband, he said that he had been praying that God helped him to see me as He does. I was awed by this and immediately began praying for the same. I did this for a few years, asking God to help me see my husband, our children and, others in general, as He does.

I’m quick to tell someone to be careful what you pray for, because it’s been my experience that what I pray for, I get. But many times, when I’ve prayed quickly, or haven’t been specific in my prayers, God grants me my desires but not in the manner that I truly wanted or expected.

Well, I think this is exactly what happened in this case! But in the process, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the heart of our God & my own heart as well.

God did begin to show me others the way He sees them. And for quite some time, the flaws of others were magnified in my eyes. I became annoyed with the words, actions & opinions of others. Things I never noticed, or cared about, in my husband confronted me daily. Our children seemed to be behaving contrary to their nature & who God created them to be. And for quite some time, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with everyone else. Why was all of this negativity glaring me in the face. I began to think, please Lord, I don’t want to see these people for who they truly are. It’s just too much.

When I started to think this more & more frequently, the most amazing thing happened. God showed me that this is what He sees in all of us everyday, and yet, He loves us unconditionally. Through all of our flaws, all of our mistakes, all of our behaving against our true nature, He loves us.

How powerful! How magnificent of our God. He’s just so full of grace and compassion.

What He was teaching me was that my reaction, and interaction, with others is all I can control. I can control how I react to the flaws of others. And I wasn’t as loving and compassionate as I had once thought that I was. I learned that it’s a major responsibility, and choice, to love others despite their flaws; to embrace them in the same manner that God does, just as they are.

And it’s not that God only sees the good in people, choosing to ignore our flaws and shortcomings. He chooses to love us fully in the midst of it all.

I’m thankful for this revelation and for the chance to become more like Him & share His unconditional love with others. And I’m so glad He loves me just as I am.

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