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My Holistic Pregnancy | Tracie Braylock
As a nurse and nursing student, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing more births than others who are not in healthcare (probably close to sixty). This is quite a bit considering that I’ve never been a labor and delivery nurse. Every birth is amazing. Each experience is special and new and usually a joyous occasion for the entire family.
All of the births that I witnessed over about five years involved physicians. I had become well aware of the routines and the active role that nurses played during labor and delivery. Then, a close friend invited me to be a part of her birth experience with a midwife. What an honor to be asked to be a part of new life entering this world! I was so excited about this opportunity and my life was forever changed by the experience.
Instantly I recognized the difference between having a physician versus a midwife. In most of my experiences, the physician was not present until it was time to deliver the baby. This midwife, however, had been right by her side for hours. I was blown away by how attentive she was and how she genuinely seemed to care about my friend and her labor plan.
I was compelled to reexamine my practitioner choices and to learn more about birthing options and experiences even though I was not expecting. Deep down I knew that what I had just experienced was so unique, and just my style, that I needed to take action. After four years of care from a great OB/GYN, I decided to switch practitioners and become a patient at a midwifery practice- the same practice that my friend used. I felt a bit guilty leaving my physician, but my heart was leading me in another direction.
Let’s just say my first visit was amazing. I felt so affirmed as a woman. Instead of that uncomfortable, let’s hurry up and get this over with feeling, I felt strong, secure and empowered by these midwives and their caring practices. There was no doubt in my mind that I had made the right decision.
Several months later, I was pregnant. I had an amazing holistic pregnancy, during which I used several complementary therapies that enhanced the journey. I did yoga, learned some breathing techniques and enjoyed massages and aromatherapy. I learned many simple, yet powerful tools that I used throughout my pregnancy and during labor and delivery. These tools are universal and I enjoy them even more now that I’m a mom.

The spiritual growth that I experienced during my pregnancy journey was amazing as well. I even wrote a book called Set the Atmosphere: Preparing for Parenthood with the Word of God. The book is a devotional with over 600 scriptures to use from preconception, pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. This was the most effective complementary therapy for my journey. Now I’m empowering moms and moms-in-training to have their own holistic pregnancies, utilizing the complementary therapies that best suit their lives, then carry those tools onto motherhood.
I was so blessed by My Holistic Pregnancy. I believe that all women should have the best birth experiences possible and become confident, active participants in their healthcare needs and desires.

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  1. Romila says:

    As a mother of three healthy beautiful children I feel blessed. At the same time I am increasingly surrounded by friends and family who are having difficulty conceiving. The emotional and physical strain they are going through is painful to see. ” It is like my body is not mine, it like a vessel”, my colleague once told me. Although I conceived and delivered my kids the ” conventional way” (in a hospital ) without complications, I also felt my experience to be so impersonal. I felt that to the doctor I was just a number. He was only there to catch the baby and then he was off to the next delivery. Having a baby is such a special time and the people around you should add to this special time not take away from it. This is why I encourage my friends and family about looking into holistic options both if they are having difficulty getting pregnant and while they are pregnant. My dear friend who was having difficulty conceiving using the holistic method. She swears by it. If you are interested to find out more about click on the link below.

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