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My Holistic Life | Tracie Braylock

One of the dominant features of holistic living is to learn and understand what works for you. As I live my holistic life, I set goals that I desire to achieve and recognize what can be done immediately and what will take quite a bit more time. For example, I hope to become a vegan one day and regularly focus on integrative nutritional practices.This is not something that I can do overnight, but I continue to collect recipes, learn about other’s experiences and support those who have already adopted this lifestyle.I appreciate the obvious health benefits and believe that we can thrive with a vegan diet, but for me, this is a long-term goal that I must ease into.

Easier, short-term goals that I actively practice each day include prayer and deep breathing, as well as yoga, aromatherapy, and any other complementary therapy I can squeeze into my schedule!

Your goal may be a little different. Maybe you had a medicated birth with your first child but want to try a holistic experience the next go round. Maybe you hate traditional exercise and would prefer the physical activity of gardening. Or maybe you’re under lots of pressure and simply desire ways to relax and unwind.Whatever your needs are, taking a mind, body, spirit approach to wellness will help you to live balanced and feel whole.

This Holistic Life is ever-evolving and requires attentiveness to your changing needs and desires.Mindfulness and awareness of your health and wellness needs are vital to living a balanced life, seeking the appropriate resources and building life-sustaining relationships to support you on your journey.

I thoroughly enjoy and am so thankful for This Holistic Life!

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