Peace in His Presence

Peace in His Presence | Tracie Braylock

No matter what is going on in my home or in my life, when I take a few moments to be in the presence of God, I find great peace.

No matter the length of time I’m able to spend quieting my mind & listening for His voice, the mere desire to draw near to God welcomes His peace & offers me hope.

No matter the external situation, the level of chaos or the extent of confusion, all is calm and peace abounds in His presence.

I’m thankful for my relationship with God because no matter what this life brings, no matter the amount of work I have to complete, no matter the heartache I might have to experience, there is always peace in His presence.

What a gift! What a joy!

He is the ultimate source of relaxation. There’s nothing I can’t accomplish because of Him. So tonight and always I’m truly grateful for His love, His grace & His peace.

Be well my friend.

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