The Gift of More Grace

The Gift of More Grace | Tracie Braylock
I enjoyed a play date this morning with dear friends and our young children. This was the first of its kind and hopefully the start of a new tradition.
As we described our days as mothers, and as women, what was clear was the need for community, for affirmation, for reassurance.
This journey that we’re on has its ups and downs. And at times we experience great stress and great joy. But what we must challenge ourselves to do is to give compassion and grace to first, ourselves, and then our children, recognizing that we are doing the best we can with our unique situations and there is never any room for comparison.
We must do what brings us joy. We must share our unique values and perspective with our children. And we must come alongside one another with love and encouragement, standing with one another whether or not we are in full agreement.
We are designed for community, which brings its own set of ups and downs. So whatever relationship you’re faced with. Whatever challenge you must overcome. Whatever new adventure parenting and womanhood brings, give yourself an abundant amount of grace. Not adding imaginary details that aren’t there. Not questioning your ability to make decisions. Not worrying about the inevitable mistakes that will be made. But striving to operate from a place of love instead of fear and knowing that ultimately, we’re all in this together, no matter how lost we may feel at times.
So today, no matter what you’re facing or how many imperfect moments you have, give yourself the gift of more grace.
Tell me in the comments below how you can give yourself the gift of more grace.

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