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3 Reasons Why I Encourage Others Everyday

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3 Reasons Why I Encourage Others Everyday

Social media is a gift. It’s an open door to the world that enables you to connect with people from around the globe. Many people use social media for an endless number of reasons. I decided to use it to encourage others & let my light shine in the lives of those I connect with.

As you read my words, you are taking time out of your day and sharing a bit of life with me. I understand the value of time and want to utilize it to enhance my life as well as yours.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I encourage others everyday.

1. I love it. Nothing feels greater than to share words that can brighten someone’s day or even change their life. It brings me great joy when I receive messages about how I helped someone get through their day or go after a goal they wanted to achieve. That’s an honor that encourages me as well.

2. I enjoy being different. How many times are you on social media and you see tragedy after tragedy or sadness, anger or loss? I want to share life and joy and provide hope and inspiration. I believe we are all amazing and sometimes we need to hear it every single day just to get up & keep going. That’s what I strive to do.

3. It builds confidence and a great foundation for our relationship. It’s extremely difficult to teach someone that their health is important if they’re unhappy or don’t believe in themselves. When I spark hope in your value as a person, you become more open to nourishing yourself in anyway you can, improving your health and overall well-being.

I’m very thankful for the ability to reach out and share encouraging words everyday. I pray that my little seeds are sprouting greatness in your life. It’s a blessing to know that my words make a positive impact & I will continue to encourage as many people as I possibly can.

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