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3 Social Media Profile Must Haves

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If you’ve ever stumbled upon a social media profile with great images or amazing content only to find that they give you no further data as to how to interact with them, you have an awareness that social media profiles need some type of detail. But what exactly does your profile need?

Here are the 3 social media profile must haves.

1 // Tell people how you can help them

When I first started using social media, before I used it for business, my profiles would say something along the lines of “wife, stay at home mom, spa and coffee lover” or something like that. You may stumble upon my profile and think “aww. That’s nice.” Or you may think “so what.” The reason is, this type of description only talks about me. It tells you that I have a family and about a couple of the things that I like. But it has absolutely nothing to do with you, your needs or your desires. You may enjoy my words or scroll through my pretty pictures, but until I tell you directly how I can help you, you’ll probably move on to find the person or business who clearly tells you how they can help you achieve your goals.

So don’t shy away from telling people who you are, what you do and how you do it. You’ll gain more of your ideal audience’s attention when you do.

2 // Tell them what you want them to do

Do you want your new visitor to go to your website and read your blog post? Do you want them to download your latest and greatest ebook? Do you want them to take your free class?

You are responsible for navigating your potential customer to the next destination. If you don’t give them a directive, they’re likely to move on, leaving you with a missed opportunity to further connect with them and share your valuable work.

Be specific and use phrases like: get your Free book, take your Free class, read my latest post or download your Free checklist….

Don’t assume they know what to do. Be up front with your offer and let them know you’ve put time and thought into how you can help them.

3 // Provide a link to your website

If you happen to meet your ideal client in the neighborhood grocery store, you wouldn’t say “oh, it was great meeting you today” then hope to run into them in that same location week after week. It’s impractical. You’d give them the name and location of your business and perhaps a business card along some type of incentive.

So the same goes when you’re on social media. Tell people where you’re located online by providing a link to your website, business or blog so you can share what you have to offer to them on a regular basis.

If you still have to room after doing these things, feel free to share more about yourself and your personality. Remember that there are others in the world doing similar work, so make your encounter meaningful and memorable.

In the comment section below, provide your feedback on this post and tell me if your current social media profiles are connecting you to your ideal audience.

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