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Along the way I learned to be skeptical about everyone. Work with someone online?! No way!

The problem was I’d heard all of the horror stories.

  • They stole my ebook verbatim, put a new cover on it and are selling more copies than I am.
  • The web designer didn’t finish my site even though I paid up front.
  • They’re using my pictures without giving me credit, a back link or ever asking for permission.
  • The developer won’t give me access to my own website without me paying them more money to make every little change.

So yeah, I was paralyzed, convinced it was just best to do the work myself. On way hand, I know every aspect of my business and what it takes to make it all work. On the other hand, this cost me tons of time, visibility and money.

Needless to say that when I found Rachel Rodgers, an Intellectual Property Lawyer, Business Strategist and Founder of Rodgers Collective, I knew that she, and her work, were the missing links to my productivity and peace of mind.

Rachel has amazing products like Small Business Bodyguard, Brand Boss, and Legal Nunchucks for Coaches and Photographers.

Her products are full of checklists, legal to dos (and don’ts), and insightful wisdom from someone who knows the legal industry and how to run a successful business.

Her free content is enough to get your life in order, but her products will change your business for the better. The amount of value she brings to her clients is game changing. And I recommend her to every entrepreneur and small business owner I encounter.

You may be wondering if her tools will help you and your specific business, so here’s who Small Business Bodyguard will help:  

  •     Anyone starting a business.
  •     Selling something online.
  •     Selling something offline.
  •     Running a website.
  •     Pitching services.
  •     Writing eBooks.
  •     Launching products.
  •     Hiring web designers / copywriters / VAs / interns / contractors.
  •     Collaborating with others.
  •     And selling anything to anybody.  (Even if it’s only an innocent little PDF and your mom is the only customer.)

If you want to ensure that your content is safe, your company is covered and your career is moving in the right direction, check her out and see what she has to offer. You’ll be so glad you did.

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  1. Padma Dyvine says:

    Thank you for this great share Tracie. I am going to pass this on to my coach and will check out this reference myself.

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