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Add Motivation and Meaning to Your Monday

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Add Motivation and Meaning to Your Monday | Tracie Braylock

You know it’s coming. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.


It’s the start of the work week for most, and it’s also the source of great pain and stress for others.

Dreading the inevitable, in any situation, wastes time and energy, and it ultimately leads to anger, resentment, frustration and anxiety.

Knowing that something is coming, that you don’t want to experience causes you to search for a way out. It raises your blood pressure, puts you on edge and makes you feel a bit out of control.


Its mere title and existence, may be out of your control, but the way you respond to it is not.

You are in complete control over how you embrace and experience Monday, and every other day.

One of the keys to making the most out of Monday is planning ahead. You must make up your mind, in advance, that you will choose joy and embody peace as you journey through the day.

Here’s how planning ahead can add motivation and meaning into your Monday:

1. Plan for the Transition

You know it’s coming, so be intentional about how you approach it. Jumping back in, full speed ahead may not be your best approach.

Would you benefit from prepping for your Monday on Sunday evening? Or maybe even Saturday. Plan for what you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Select the clothes you’re going to wear. Get gas in your car. Set the timer on your coffee or tea pot. Think things through prior to Monday morning and you’ll transition with greater ease.

2. Plan for the Work

The work will be there. (Hopefully it’s work you love and that’s aligned with your purpose.) But either way, it’s there. And that’s a good thing. Remember all of the good your work brings into your life and all it enables you to do. (Eat. Travel. Shop. Etc.)

Then, remember what good your work allows you to offer the world. Sometimes, a change in perspective is all you need to get you moving in the right direction.

3. Plan for Gratitude

When you wake up on Monday morning, write down 3 things you’re thankful for. Practicing gratitude – being intentional about searching for something to be thankful for – cultivates more gratitude.     {Tweet ThisTweet: Practicing gratitude - being intentional about searching for something to be thankful for - cultivates more gratitude. via @TracieBraylock}

Keeping a journal near your bed, or in a space where you can spend a few moments reflecting, will help you create a sustainable morning gratitude practice.

4. Plan for Nourishment

If you still feel a bit of trepidation about Monday, plan some time for nourishment throughout the day. Nourishment can take many forms, including the food you eat, an activity you enjoy and the people you love.

So you can plan an extra special meal for Monday. Or you can take a long walk on your lunch break. Or meet up with friends after dinner. Do whatever you need to do to nourish your soul.

These simple practices are rewarding and will ultimately help you add more motivation and find deeper meaning in your Monday.

Mondays are actually a favorite of mine, so I’m interested in how you feel about them. Tell me in the comments below, do you love, or dread, Mondays, and why?



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  1. Adrian Ferguson says:

    Hi Tracie!

    I think the real reason for the dread on Monday morning is that the 2 day break really spoils us and then we have to get our brain back on Monday morning. But after working over 40 years I have learned to embrace it. And each day going forward.

    Thank you for all you do! It’s refreshing!
    Ms. Adrian

    • traciebraylock says:

      Thank you so much Ms. Adrian! I think you’re right and it takes some of us far to long to learn to embrace it, causing us to struggle tremendously in the process. I’m glad you’re embracing it. Thank you so much for your support. It’s truly appreciated! Tracie

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