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Aligning Your Life with God’s Vision of You

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Writer, Holistic Nurse Educator & Mama of 4, reminding entrepreneurs and creatives  to care for your health and well-being as you build your businesses and get your work into the world.

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You’ve been praying. You’ve also been having little nudges, ideas and desires that you refuse to allow yourself to fully acknowledge.

What do they mean? Are they worth exploring? Should you just continue to ignore them?

I believe that when you trust in God, pray about your future and ask for His will to be done in your life, you need to trust those prompts. They’re calling you forward, transforming you to a version of yourself who is more like Him, more like His vision for you and more like the person you actually want to be.

I believe He plants those seeds in your heart and has knitted some of them into your story before you were ever present in physical form. But sometimes, life, people and the culture tells you that there’s only one way, one path, one purpose for you, and you begin to believe that narrative.

So instead of moving forward safely in the arms of your Creator, you remain still, become stagnant and then stuck, longing to experience that which was already prepared for you.

Instead of staying here, I encourage you to keep moving forward, saying yes to His vision and trusting Him more than your doubts and doubters.

He has good things for you. Better than you can even imagine. And they’re worth getting over your fears, the letting go and the giving up. Because there’s no security there anyway. You’re only secure when you’re walking in tandem with Him.

Now, I know it’s not always easy to keep going, especially when you’ve finally reached a place that you used to only be able to pray for. You’ve accomplished those previous goals and everything feels comfortable, so it makes sense to just stay where you are right?

Reaching this space, makes it even more critical that you to focus, watching and listening for your next assignment. This is how you align your life with God’s vision for you.

Holding onto your own short sided vision may cause you to miss the exceedingly abundantly above He has already prepared for you.

And yes, I’m speaking from experience. I hesitated for a few years longer than I’d like to admit because what I was imagining was out of the box, unlike anything I had seen or anyone could understand. But what I now know for sure is that none of that mattered. All I needed to do was trust God with my future and trust that I could believe in the vision I was seeing because it’s straight from Him.

Doing so has blessed me with amazing opportunities, like being a contributing writer at Proverbs 31 Ministries and using my words to encourage thousands of women around the world.

Your thing may be very different than mine and you need to know that it’s equally as important. You’re here to make an impact with your life by allowing God to flow through you and use your presence to help other people.

So I encourage you to align your life with God’s vision for you. Eliminate all excuses and simply ask Him to show you the way. Not only will you continue to be blessed, you’ll bless the rest of us too.

So tell me what God has been prompting you to do by sharing a bit of the vision you’ve been given in the comments below. Then, go over to Proverbs 31 Ministries and read today’s devotional, Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos!

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