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The Benefits of Using an Online Nursing Practice

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If you’re curious about how online holistic nursing practices work or wondering if my digital nursing practice can help you meet your wellness goals, this message is for you. 

As a holistic nurse, my goal is to help you maximize your well-being by taking healthful action in every area of your life. This is considered a holistic approach to your wellness and explores the health of your mind, body, spirit, the work you do, your social interactions and the environments, or spaces, where you spend your time. A holistic approach also includes your beliefs and values because they directly impact your personal goals and how you make decisions.

Providing you with trusted information that you can access at anytime, from anywhere is also a top priority, as this enables you to make informed decisions and increase your confidence on wellness topics that are important to you.

Finding convenient information from a reliable source that’s easy to understand can help decrease your fears about a variety of wellness topics. The information that I share with you for educational purposes are supported by years of research and experience and weaves together holistic care and integrative practices, such as prayer, meditation, breathwork, yoga and nutrition.

I also love sharing healthcare insider information to help you understand what types of questions you should be asking, what resources are available to you and how to get the care that’s most beneficial to you and your circumstances. This insight is included in my courses and coaching programs and is extremely helpful if you’re in need of guidance on your wellness journey. 

The offerings that I’ve created for you help you dig deeper into the what, why and how of your care and put the pieces together to enhance your overall well-being.

Here’s an example of how I help you take a holistic approach to your care: If you’re feeling hungry all the time, I’d encourage you to pause to examine why this is happening. Are you thirsty and in need of more water? Are you having difficulty sleeping at night which could be causing your hormones to be out of balance? Or are you not getting the nutrition rich foods your body desires? These exploratory questions help to go beyond superficial interaction and determine the influences that are either hindering your growth or causing you to thrive.

When we work together, you’ll also gain the benefits of personalized feedback. My coaching clients have both emailed me and sent text messages during their appointments to have me help them generate questions to ask their care provider and ensure they were making informed decisions.

My 15 years of nursing education and experience combines holistic and integrative care, faith and spirituality and women’s health to help you think through, and care for, all aspects of who you are in order to maximize your well-being. Yes, you get to utilize my excellent research skills and ever expanding resource library to your advantage.

You can think of me as your digital wellness advocate and devoted friend who you love to check in with. 

Together we’ll collaborate to make sure you have the tools you need to stay informed, increase your well-being and implement actions that lead to achieved life and wellness goals.

So let’s recap the benefits of an online holistic nursing practice:

1. a holistic approach

2. trusted information

3. easily accessible content

4. healthcare insider tips

5. personalized feedback

6. specialized professional guidance 

7. increased well-being

8. action plan to achieve life and wellness goals

There are endless ways to you can enhance and support your well-being so I’m thrilled to share holistic wellness with you and hope this information propels you forward on your journey.

So what do you think? Can an online holistic nursing practice help you reach your wellness goals? Tell me in the comments below.

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