Coffee + Creativity

Slow RoastThis week I learned about a company called Coffitvity. {Coffee + Creativity} It’s based on the concept that people are more productive amongst the soft murmur of coffee shop sounds versus complete silence or a loud office. The company offers coffee shop sounds to help you boost creativity. They have an app for your phone or tablet and you can also listen on your computer.

Learning about Coffitivity led me to the Coffice. {Coffee + Office} For us (mom, nurse, solo) entrepreneurs, the Coffice is a great place to be. It offers a change of scenery from my home office and often increases my productivity.

I love a great coffee shop, whether I’m working or not. It’s one of my happy places. I’m actually working from one right now. So whether you’re working hard, studying or launching a new project, check out the Coffice and enjoy Coffitivity.

Author: traciebraylock

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