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The Downfall of Independence

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Like many women, I’ve learned that independence is what should be sought after. The ability to take care of yourself, standing on your own two feet… alone. Caring for yourself financially, living & traveling as you desire. Being well educated & climbing your career ladder. Etc.

But in the midst of this independent living, you begin to believe that you can do all things- alone. You begin to believe that if you work hard enough or want it badly enough, you can do it & you can have it.

But where does all of this independence leave us in relationship to God? Do we consider His plans & desire for our lives? Do we believe that we can do all things because of Him or because we believe we have the tools to make it all happen on our own? Do we consider the help that He gives us unnecessary? Do we even recognize the help He sends our way as we’re busy going at it alone.

Now, not everyone who is independent excludes God from their lives. Yet, there can still be a me against the world as long as I have God attitude. But is this what God has called us to?

An inability to ask for or accept help. A wall that hinders us from building relationships that require more than an occasionally quick hi & bye.

This seems like a lonely, self-serving and possibly, self-defeating journey. We can never truly be independent and have a genuine relationship with God. We need Him. Period. He should be leading, guiding and directing us. AND teaching us how to be dependent upon Him – not ourselves.

Do I believe there is anything wrong with being single, living alone, having a job that enables you to pay for all of your wants & needs? Not at all! As long as this life & lifestyle is God centered & not based on the misinformation of society or even well intentioned family & friends.

Seek God about everything. Depend upon Him wholeheartedly & never for one minute believe that you have to go at this thing called life all alone.

Be well!

Meditation Moment:
Do you depend on God to care for all of your needs or are you striving to live independently and take care of everything on your own?

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  1. Lakeisha Davis says:

    I totally agree. Well said.

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