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Wasting Time

How many times & I’m how many ways have you been disobedient to God? After I wrote & self published my first book, I found myself wandering aimlessly away from God and eventually, kindly telling Him I no longer wanted to do what He asked of me.

I didn’t understand how this book that had taken so long to put together, including countless hours of learning self-publishing & design was not supplementing my income.

Didn’t God know that I had just walked away from my nursing career to care for this precious child He had given us? Didn’t God know that we needed both of our incomes to pay our bills & survive? Didn’t God know how much I loved Him & how diligently I worked to accomplish what He told me to do?

Yes, was the answer to all of these questions. So where was God & all of the promises He had made to me & to us?!

I didn’t understand that this was just he tip of the iceberg. I didn’t understand that I was standing atop of the life & woman God desired me to be & each day offered another chance for “me” to be unearthed.

God wasn’t really concerned with how I perceived the world. I’m sure He laughs at my feelings about money & my thoughts that it would change our situation. God simply wanted me to trust Him; to know that He is the Source of all that is good, He will provide all of our needs, He is my provider & deliverer & He is truly all we’ll ever need.

I always thought that the goal was to make as much money as I possibly could because this was the key to having & living a great life.

God clearly wants me to learn how to thrive & be endlessly joyful no matter what our financial situation looks like.

In the meantime, while I pouted & cried, I also lost my passion for writing. I couldn’t make up words to pen. I didn’t know how to fulfill what God was asking me to do. I lost my hope & my joy. How sad!

Thankfully My God is patient and loving and knows who He created me to be. So He waited for me, giving me prompts along the way, cheering me on & letting me know that my excuses were ridiculous because He already knew my situation & I was and am capable of completing the tasks He has given me.

I wasted so much time waiting for God to drop all of His promises into my lap based on one little act of obedience. Sure, that first book is significant & it has blessed me tremendously to hear how it impacts the lives of those who read it, but how dare I think that this was enough. I don’t believe God is sitting there with a check list waiting for me to accomplish X number of tasks, but I do believe He’s waiting for me to pour my whole heart into what He’s already asked me to do & to continue to do it faithfully, whether or not I ever receive a dime from doing it.

That’s what it means to do things for the glory of God. Not my glory. His glory. So while I wasted time dazed & confused, I could have been working on what He asked me to do & impacting even more lives along the way.

I want to encourage you not to waste time trying to figure God out or dragging your feet in disobedience instead of simply doing what God has asked you to do.

There is freedom in obedience. And the sacrifices of time & energy to accomplish His will are minuscule when compared to the eternal significance of accomplishing the work that you are sent here to complete.

Be quick to answer yes & get to work immediately. You truly have no time to waste.

Meditation Moment:
What has God told you to do that you’ve been putting off or have chosen not to do?

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