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Experiencing Whispers of Rest

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I gazed out of the window watching the trees blow in the wind realizing the mundane experience of getting an oil change had given me a breath of fresh air. It was the first time in as long as I could remember that I had just stopped, just waited, just enjoyed.

I had given our daughter my phone so she could watch a movie during our possible two hours wait, so I wasn’t scrolling, answering or checking.

We were stuck as we waited for the work to be done and the view faced a line of trees dancing in the morning breeze.

I was both thankful and a bit ashamed. Thankful that this experience was happening, even if it was in a not so cozy car care space. And ashamed because I don’t do it more often. That somehow I’ve come to a point in my life that has caused me to squeeze out the dear quality time of rest and pure adoration of God.

It’s in nature that I so readily see the handiwork of God. His endless creative power and attention to detail. His unlimited ability to weave into existence whatever His heart desires and to give it a way to live and breathe and thrive.

God gave us rest as a gift and we often shun it, turning it away in search of something greater. But we can’t. It’s woven into our DNA and calls us to turn to Him with ease or because we are faced with some sort of dis-ease.

Thankfully, Bonnie Gray reminds me in her new book, Whispers of Rest, that God isn’t ashamed of my need, my longing, my brokenness. He provided solutions to this; the Word, His Son, My Savior.

He understands that the world we live in beckons for us to hustle, to race, to sleep when we’re dead. Unfortunately, the lack of rest and peace is killing us, but it doesn’t have to remain that way.

This book is a refreshing reminder that we can stop, whether briefly or for extended periods of time, and experience God’s peace and His rest. In Him we can find everything we need for our journey and we can simply embrace His love in a sincere, intimate relationship with Him.

This book reminded me that yes, life can be chaotic, but God truly never leaves your side. You can experience Him anytime, anywhere, in every situation if you are attentive to His presence.

I hope you take the time to read this book, experience God’s Whispers of Rest and allow God to revitalize your soul.

Click here to order your copy and download free bonus gifts from Bonnie.

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  1. Padma Dyvine says:

    I am reminded from your post that nature is so supportive all the time! Thanks, Padma

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