Your Gift for Celebrating with Me

It’s my birthday! And I want to give you a gift. For half my life now I’ve worked and studied in health and wellness and it continues to be a part of my mission.

I want you to maximize your mind, body, spirit, emotional and financial well-being. So for today only, when you commit to enhancing your life with essential oils, I will give you an additional gift. And you get to choose what you prefer.

I will gift to you $25 or a bottle of my favorite essential oil, Lavender, when you purchase your Premium Starter Kit. Simply send me a message and let me know which gift you want.

Here’s what else you’ll get in addition to your free gift.

1) Personal assistance- I’ll personally walk you through the enrollment process, either by phone or with a detailed email

2) Personal assessment- we’ll work together to determine how you can use the essential oils based on your needs and I’ll give you a list of recommendations

3) Monthly Q&A- ask me any questions about products and/or the business side of using essential oils

4) Community- we have an amazing team full of people who love health, wellness and helping others achieve their lifestyle goals, so you’ll get the support and encouragement you need to succeed

Plus the usual welcome packet that includes blends, recipes and how-tos, a Young Living glass spray bottle, a bottle of Thieves hand sanitizer and a bottle of Lime Vitality.

Thanks for celebrating with me and investing in yourself!

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Author: traciebraylock

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