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How Gratitude Can Enhance Your Life

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As we approached Thanksgiving, I was consumed with thoughts of giving thanks regularly. Thanks giving is a way of life, an attitude, and a practice. It’s great that together, as a nation, we’ve set aside time for thanksgiving, but this must become a consistent aspect of everyday life.

Gratitude is thankfulness, appreciation and acknowledgement of the benefits that you have. Steady focus on what you’re thankful for and appreciative of, will help you eliminate negative thoughts and emotions about yourself and the people and things that surround you. You begin to recognize and then, welcome opportunities to be grateful and become decreasingly critical of everything in your life.

This act enables you to emphasize your strengths, as well as the things that are working in your life and the choices that bring you great joy. As attention is given to the positive in your life and you adopt an attitude of gratitude and your entire journey can transform. You begin to make healthier lifestyle choices which filter into every area of your life, including your home, work, relationships, and finances.

Gratitude Exercise

Here are a couple of gratitude exercises to help adjust your attitude when negativity is getting the best of you:

Take some time to write down at least 10 things that you are thankful for. For some of us, this may seem like a daunting task, but I believe in you. You can do it! When you’re trying to form a new habit or lifestyle practice, be gentle with yourself and give yourself enough time to see changes happen. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

I am…
I can…
I did…
I have…
I like…

Your statement can be as simple as “I can walk a mile.” “I have a great family.” “I like my hairstyle.” Personalize your messages and write as many as you can.

Tape this list to an area that you visit multiple times throughout the day. Your desk, mirror, or door are all good places to start. For the next month, read your list every time you look at it to remind yourself just how amazing you and your life really are. You’ll start to believe what you’ve listed and add even more to it!

Tell someone what you’re thankful for. This may seem like a small task, but it can have a major impact. Speaking about what you are thankful for creates lasting memories and can cause the release of feel-good chemicals throughout your body. This increases the likelihood that you’ll continue to focus on the positive things in your life and you may also cause the person you’re telling to begin a gratitude practice of their own.

Whether you’re just beginning your wellness journey or you’re a health and fitness guru, you have plenty to be thankful for. It may take some time and practice to start focusing on all there is to be thankful for, but when you do begin to look at yourself in a positive way, it becomes motivation to improve your health and to take care of yourself.

Many people take a few moments upon waking or just before bed to write down what they are thankful for. This is another practice that can help you make gratitude a way of life. Being grateful is such an important and simple way to enhance your life. Don’t wait! Start reflecting upon what you’re thankful for today.

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  1. London says:

    Excellent commentary tracie! Love the exercises and prompting statements.

    • traciebraylock says:

      Thank you London. Let me know if you begin this practice and how it goes.

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