The Healing Power of Relationships


The quality of your relationships significantly impacts your health and wellness. A positive relationship has the ability to uplift, encourage and support you as you journey through life. Whereas, a negative relationship can become the cause of great stress and drain you of energy and enthusiasm.

Having a mutually beneficial relationship can help you:

-eliminate loneliness and isolation
-experience connectedness with others
-feel love and appreciation
-gain wisdom and understanding about matters that are important to you

Relationships can also support you on your wellness journey, acting as therapeutic partners and propelling you toward your healing.

We should strive to incorporate health-giving behaviors throughout our lives and relationships.  Give attention to your current relationships, including how they make you feel, how much time you give to each and how you can improve upon them.

Here are 2 Ways to Nurture Your Relationships

1. Communicate your feelings to the significant people in your life. Let them know that they are important to you and that you appreciate your relationship.

You can do this by handwriting a personalized note, capturing your feelings on video to be watched again and again, or speaking your truth over a hot cup of tea.  Doing something meaningful pays tribute to your relationship, leaving a sincere, lasting memory.

2. Ask for continued support, prayer, friendship, love and laughs, being specific about the aspects of your relationship that support and enhance you.

By telling others what you need, you provide them with the opportunity to encourage you in their own way while meeting your own needs. Be sure to reciprocate this practice; selflessly giving even more than you have received.

As you nurture your relationships, they will continue to nurture you. Do all that you can to surround yourself with enriching relationships that elevate your health and your life.  Let’s focus on and cultivate our helpful relationships, while learning from and eliminating the destructive associations from our journey.

Author: traciebraylock

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