Herbs to Support Lung Function

When experiencing some form of lung pain, discomfort or struggle to breathe, finding relief quickly is extremely important.

If you’d like to take a natural approach to experiencing relief, soothing lung irritations and breathing with greater ease, use the following list of herbs as a guide to help you support your lung function.

Burdock Root helps to relieve respiratory tract conditions

Star Anise is useful in easing dry cough and respiratory tract congestion

Mullein soothes coughs, sore throats, bronchitis and asthma

Nettle is an ati-asthmatic that also relieves bronchial spasms

Linden eases irritations of the lungs and throat while soothing coughs

Eucalyptus helps dilate the bronchioles in your lungs and shift mucus out of your system

Lungwort is an antioxidant the reduces airway irritation and soothes respiratory discomfort

Using these herbs in teas, salves and pastes will help provide you with the relief you’re in need of.

So tell me in the comments if you’ve ever used any of these herbs?

*Seek the advice of your healthcare provider before trying these herbs, or any others, as this list is for educational purposes and adding them to your diet may cause an interaction with your current conditions or medications.

Author: traciebraylock

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