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In Honor of International Women’s Day

I'm Tracie!

Writer, Holistic Nurse Educator & Mama of 4, reminding entrepreneurs and creatives  to care for your health and well-being as you build your businesses and get your work into the world.

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How did we get here?

To this space of self-criticism that speaks, loudly, internally, externally and ongoingly?
Don’t you know who you are?
Can’t you remember your joy?
You, my darling, have the cosmos woven into the cells of your being.
You, my dear, are to be adored and revered.
You, yes you, are wildly miraculous and marvelous and magnificent. 
Not perfectly imperfect. Peculiar perfection. Your own bundle of delight and divinity. 
You have not a thing to be ashamed of, no reason to shrink or settle or struggle to survive.
You. You. You. Are enough and arrived to this space and time embodying all that you needed to simply be.
Allow the experiences to propel you further.
Allow the words and critiques to slide off your smooth nature.
Allow yourself to be free, from your own judgment and self-imposed limitations, as well as theirs.
You, can do absolutely anything your heart desires. And I dare you to give it a try.

* Today I’m watching women celebrate who they are and what they’re capable of, while simultaneously justifying what they view as their flaws – the things the world has said aren’t good enough, aren’t photo worthy, should be silenced and never shared. These words are the reminder that resulted from what I’ve seen and read so far. Let’s remember who we are and forget the rest.

Thankful, everyday, for my womanhood and all that we continue to birth into this world.

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  1. Marilyn lane says:

    Tracie, Your words paint pictures, your thoughts inspire, you are a beautiful example of where women are going, becoming and blooming. You give women hope, resilience, courage and self-love. Thank you from a woman watching young women make beautiful changes. Even I, at 72, continue to learn and be inspired by you.✨

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